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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a project look like? 

A project consists of five outings within a six month window. 

What if there is not a project in my area?

We are always looking to expand! Submit your application we are currently looking for new projects for 2021!

Do I need to be a professional fishing guide to mentor?

Absolutely not! Being able to communicate and be consistent for our kids is the most important thing to for us! 

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“During the project,  each child had a mentor to bond with that made them feel safe during this project. The children took risks that showed they felt comfortable in the situation. The mentors were all very patient and willing to work with the children to make this experience a great one. There was a lot of praise when the children were successful in catching a fish or tying the right knot. They left feeling capable and proud.”

Caseworker, Project Colorado

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