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Current Project Locations

Austin, Texas

Bend, Oregon

Bennett Spring, Missouri

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Denver, Colorado Project

Fort Collins, Colorado Project

Grand Rapids, Michigan Project

Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Project

Jackson, Tennessee Project

Little Rock, Arkansas, Second Chance Ranch Project

Louisville, Kentucky Project

Fredericksburg, Virginia Project

Nashville, Tennessee Project

Pearisburg, Virginia Project

Pikes Peak, Colorado Project

Roaring Forks Valley, Colorado Project

St. Petersburg, Florida Project

Texarkana, Arkansas Project

Seattle, Washington Project

Houston, Texas Project

Smethport, Pennsylvania Project

Santa Fe, New Mexico Project

Cache Valley, Utah Project

Manchester, Vermont Project

Little Rock, Arkansas Methodist Children's Home Project

Cincinnati, Ohio Project

Missoula, Montana Project

Boone, North Carolina Project

West Bend, Wisconsin Project

St. Louis, Missouri Project

Stillwater, Oklahoma Project

Driftless Region, Iowa Project

Silver Spring, Maryland Project

Idaho Falls, Idaho Project

Bozeman, Montana Project

Hartford, Connecticut Project

Traverse City, Michigan Project

Atlanta, Georgia Project

Los Angeles, California Project

Martinsville, New Jersey Project

Raleigh, North Carolina Project

San Antonio, Texas Project

Fayetteville, Arkansas Project

Columbus, Ohio Project

Boise, Idaho Project

St. Paul, Minnesota Project

Auburn, Alabama Project

Salt Lake City, Utah Project

Las Vegas, Nevada Project

Portland, Oregon Project

San Francisco, California Project

London, United Kingdom Project

Phoenix, Arizona Project

Frankenmuth, Michigan Project

Cleveland, Ohio Project

Montrose, Colorado Project

Scranton, Pennsylvania Project

Fennimore, Wisconsin Project

Colorado Springs, Colorado Project

Jonesboro, Arkansas Project

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The Following Projects are Currently Closed for New Mentor Applications for 2021:

Missoula, Montana

St. Paul, Minnesota

Cincinnati, Ohio

Fort Collins, Colorado

Silver Spring, Maryland

Boone, North Carolina

Denver, Colorado

Bend, Oregon




Mentor Information Center

The Mayfly Project’s Mentor Information Center contains all the mentor documents, request forms, information for Lead Mentors, access to the Mentor Education Center, and links ot partner programs and discounts to support your Project.

“During the project,  each child had a mentor to bond with that made them feel safe during this project. The children took risks that showed they felt comfortable in the situation. The mentors were all very patient and willing to work with the children to make this experience a great one. There was a lot of praise when the children were successful in catching a fish or tying the right knot. They left feeling capable and proud.”

Caseworker, Project Colorado

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