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The Mayfly Project

Huntsville, Alabama Project

Project Lead Mentor: Jeremiah Russell

Project location: Huntsville, Alabama

Year project founded: 2023

Mentors on this team: 7, Currently accepting applications to join our team!

Children to be mentored in 2023: 10

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for foster care partners.

Local companies that support this project:  Currently searching for local support.

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Contact Lead Mentor: jrussell@jp2falcons.org

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Huntsville, Alabama Project

“Introducing children to the art of fly fishing is not really about the fish we catch. It’s about helping them, as it helps so many of us, by providing an escape, promoting character, building relationships, and connecting us with nature.” 

Jeremiah Russell

Lead Mentor, Huntsville, Alabama Project

Project Mentors


Decatur, Alabama

A native of Knoxville, Tennessee, Jeremiah developed a love for fly fishing as a teenager, wading the streams of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He left his East Tennessee home to pursue higher education in other states around the southeast, until he settled in Alabama with his wife and two daughters, first as an assistant professor at a regional state university and now as a private school administrator in Huntsville. You can find him on local waters about every weekend. He is honored to serve as lead mentor for the Huntsville Mayfly Project and share the wonderful gift of fly fishing to area children in foster care!


Athens, Alabama

I grew up in North Alabama wading, fishing, and exploring the cool spring-fed streams around our house and to this day I’m still doing the same thing, with my wife, two sons and two dogs! I enjoy chasing all the species in these waters from feisty Smallmouth bass to colorful long ear Sunfish. Flyfishing these places for these gems is a great therapy for me and one where I can stop and take in every detail of God’s handiwork. When I’m not on the water, I spend time developing and tying flies for the fish I chase, as well work on commercially available patterns. I also spend some time traveling to teach classes on tying and demoing various deer hair techniques. I am currently on the tying team with HMH Vises, Dr.Slick Tools, Flymen Fishing Co, Ahrex Hooks, J.Stockard, Fulling Mills, and RaidZap.


Birmingham, Alabama

Growing up in central Missouri, I’ve been around water my whole life. From the Missouri to the Mississippi Rivers, and all the tributaries and streams that flow into and well up from our endless cave systems, a hook and line were never far away. I found fly fishing due to the kind guidance of the folks at Tochterman’s in Baltimore just over a year ago, now I teach fly casting and tying at Orvis as a volunteer! When not on the water, my wife (a 6th grade teacher) and I historically work with local housing communities and kids through volunteer work. We love being able to give back the many blessings that life has afforded us and look forward to doing exactly that alongside the wonderful team at the Huntsville Mayfly Project!

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We're excited to announce our annual Buy a Fly Event is now live! From September 29th to October 31st, purchase a fly/flies and you're entered to win awesome prizes! All proceeds go towards supporting The Mayfly Project's first year projects, which means more children...

TMP’s Mending the Line Fundraiser Dinner!

TMP’s Mending the Line Fundraiser Dinner!

Join us at our 1st Annual Mending the Line Fundraising Dinner!!! We're thrilled to invite you to our Mending the Line Fundraising Dinner and Auction. Proceeds from this dinner will go to our National Program to support project startups in 2023! Date and Time: October...

Lead Mentor Highlight, Fredericksburg, Virginia!

Lead Mentor Highlight, Fredericksburg, Virginia!

We are thrilled to highlight one of our first year lead mentors, Scott Sevingy, who not only brought TMP to Fredericksburg, Virginia, but is an active foster care parent and essential part of his local community. This year, Scott built up his TMP mentor team,...

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Huntsville, Alabama Project

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