I loved fishing with my mentor. I can’t wait to go again! 


The Mayfly Project

West Bend, Wisconsin Project

Project Lead Mentor: Pat Michaelson

Project location: West Bend, Wisconsin

Year project founded: 2021

Mentors on this team: 6, Currently adding mentors to our team!

Children mentored to date: 0

Children to be mentored in 2022: 7

Local foster care partners: Currently building team

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for community support and partners.

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Contact the lead mentor for this project: pnmichaelson@gmail.com

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West Bend, Wisconsin Project

“I am so excited to share my passion for fly fishing, fly tying and conservation with youth, with the hope that the kids I mentor can learn and grow in fishing and in life

Pat Michaelson

Lead Mentor, West Bend, Wisconsin Project

Project Mentors


West Bend, Wisconsin

I have been fishing since I was 5 years old, starting out with cane poles off the dock at our cabin, and started fly fishing over 20 years ago in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. I also have fly fished for smallmouth bass, saltwater fish and panfish, and taught my son to fly fish as well. When not fishing, I spend time with my kids, my wife of 25 years and work as a Sales rep for an adhesive additives company.


Jackson, Wisconsin

Growing up in Central Illinois, Zach grew up fishing with his mom and dad catching bluegills on strip mines. After moving to Wisconsin his dad taught him how to fly fish on Green Lake catching smallies, white bass, northern and panfish. He’s since bought a 3wt rod and has been fishing the Driftless area for the past 5 years. He’s looking forward to getting involved with the Mayfly project!


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Born and raised in Southern Wisconsin, Drew spent most of his time outside as a kid. Whether it was fishing for pan fish and bass or climbing trees in his backyard, any time he had he spent it exploring. At 16 Drew moved to northern Idaho and kept up with his habits of being outside. He learned how to fly fish in his later teen years and went up to his ears in the new sport. Moving back to Wisconsin, and living in Milwaukee, he explores new rivers, lakes, and creeks all over his state! Nowhere is out of reach for him. He enjoys spreading his love of the outdoors, music, and all things fishing. Drew is excited for his time ahead of him in The Mayfly Project!

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We're excited to announce our annual Buy a Fly Event is now live! From September 29th to October 31st, purchase a fly/flies and you're entered to win awesome prizes! All proceeds go towards supporting The Mayfly Project's first year projects, which means more children...

TMP’s Mending the Line Fundraiser Dinner!

TMP’s Mending the Line Fundraiser Dinner!

Join us at our 1st Annual Mending the Line Fundraising Dinner!!! We're thrilled to invite you to our Mending the Line Fundraising Dinner and Auction. Proceeds from this dinner will go to our National Program to support project startups in 2023! Date and Time: October...

Lead Mentor Highlight, Fredericksburg, Virginia!

Lead Mentor Highlight, Fredericksburg, Virginia!

We are thrilled to highlight one of our first year lead mentors, Scott Sevingy, who not only brought TMP to Fredericksburg, Virginia, but is an active foster care parent and essential part of his local community. This year, Scott built up his TMP mentor team,...

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West Bend, Wisconsin Project

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