I love fly fishing and it was totally worth going. All the people were nice and when i had a question, it was answered! 


The Mayfly Project

Boise, Idaho Project

Project Lead Mentor: Kimberly Cordero

Co-Lead Mentor: Andy Harl

Project location: Boise, Idaho

Year project founded: 2021

Mentors on this team: 31

Children mentored to date: 24

Children to be mentored in 2024: 10

Local foster care partners: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Family and Children Services, Region III & IV

Local companies that support this project: Idaho Anglers, Boise Anglers, Three River Ranch Outfitters, Vice Outdoors, Payette Brewing Company, Eureka.

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Boise, Idaho Project

This is why I believe The Mayfly Project is so important: “The more relationships a child has the more likely they will be to recover from trauma and thrive. Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.” Dr. Bruce Perry

Kimberly Cordero

Lead Mentor, Boise, Idaho Project

Project Mentors


Boise, Idaho

Kimberly has lived in Boise, ID the majority of her life and enjoys the many opportunities to engage in outdoor activities with her husband, son, and two big dogs. She obtained her undergraduate degree in sociology from Black Hills State University and obtained her master’s degree in social work from Northwest Nazarene University. While living in Custer, SD she was introduced to fly fishing and has been hooked ever since!  For over two decades, Kimberly has worked alongside children and families involved with Child Welfare. In 2016 she transitioned to private practice as a mental health therapist and enjoys coming alongside others on their journey of healing and exploration. When The Mayfly Project came across her radar she knew she had to be part of their team! Kimberly continues to look forward to giving back to youth in foster care and helping them develop life skills, self-care and resiliency through The Mayfly Project.


Meridian, Idaho

My family and I have lived in the Boise area for the past 14 years. During the week I work as a software product manager to fund my weekend fishing adventures. I grew up salt water fishing with my dad but love fly fishing throughout southwest Idaho. As a father and foster parent I’ve seen how the outdoors and fishing can lift and inspire. I was fortunate to be able to connect with the outdoors as a kid and love all things camping, hiking, and fishing. Being able to go fishing and camping when I was young are some of the best memories I have. Being able give my family, as well as other kids an experience with being on the water and outdoors is a privilege and joy.


Eagle, Idaho

Steve is a life-long angler with over 40 years of experience in aquatic biology exploring the diversity, distribution, and ecology of aquatic insects and fishes. He earned a Ph.D from the University of North Texas where he conducted research on North American caddisflies. He’s described and named several new caddisfly species one of which gave tribute to a fly fisherman who collected it while fishing their home trout waters in Missouri. In 2022, Steve retired from the U.S. Geological Survey after a 25 year career planning and operating National water quality programs. He now spends his time pursuing “all things fly fishing” and hopes to inspire the next generation of fly fishers, aquatic biologists, and conservation advocates.


Boise, Idaho

I have been fascinated with the outdoors since I was a young boy. Growing up in Northern Idaho with the Saint Joe River in my backyard it was easy to quickly become obsessed with fishing for many different species around Coeur d’Alene. There is still nothing quite like an aggressive Cutthroat trout attacking a big dry fly on the surface. This love of nature led me to studying fisheries and wildlife resources at the University of Idaho. Several years later I pursued my masters degree in fisheries in Wisconsin and I am now a fisheries biologist living in Boise with my wife Sarah and our two golden retrievers. I feel fortunate to have a great job conserving these beautiful and wild areas we are lucky enough to call home. I can’t wait to share my love of the outdoors and introduce kids to the wonderful world of fishing.


Boise, Idaho

A Idaho native, Jessica grew up fishing and adventuring in the outdoors as a child with her father, grandfather and siblings. Her father was the one who first introduced her to fly fishing. It wasn’t until she was in her mid 20s that she really became hooked on fly fishing, spending annual trips in Montana fishing spring creeks and local Idaho rivers. She even managed to fly fish in Alaska for salmon; a memorable trip for her and her father. Working as a Registered Nurse for all ages and her love of outdoors and fishing, she is looking forward to sharing the outdoors and fishing as a mentor to the children in the Boise TMP.


Boise, Idaho

Turner is from East Tennessee and spent his years there fishing as much as possible. In 2017, he made his way to Maryland for school and tutored local high school students as well as peers. In 2021, graduation was nearing and he set his sights on Boise, Idaho where he wanted to immediately become a mentor with The Mayfly Project. The most exciting thing about fishing for Turner is being able to watch someone who is new to it become electrified with interest, passion, and love for fly fishing on the first hook-set. From that moment on, ones life will change and Turner can’t wait to share the life changing activity with children and help cultivate the relationships that are organically rooted in a culture built around giving back.


Eagle, Idaho

As a child, fishing was the only thing that could get Chris to sit still. He had moved all around the country by the age of 13, finally settling in Southern California. He had learned to fish ponds in the Midwest, streams in the West and worked on fishing boats along the coast. As Chris settled down and started a family, the mountains started calling. He found peace and serenity in fly fishing streams and rivers. That passion led him to relocate his family to Eagle, ID in 2021 to live a life of adventure with his wife and 3 kids. With a background at the Boys and Girls Clubs and a lifelong passion for fishing, Chris looks forward to combining the two and mentoring on the river’s edge.


Boise, Idaho

Recently retired after 28 years in the Orthopedic device industry. Raised in Minnesota, moved to Boise, Idaho in 1985 to get out of Minnesota winters. Have been fly fishing over 40 years. With my recent retirement I have the time now to mentor young adults. Excited to be involved in The Mayfly Project


Eagle, Idaho

Rob Griggs is from Littleton, Colorado and has been in Idaho for almost 5 years. He started his fly-fishing journey in 1992 while exploring the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Rob moved to Colorado in 2002 with his beautiful family and has been living “out west” since then.  Rob is the father of 3 teenage kids that love and enjoy being outside and going on as many fly-fishing adventures as they can. His wife has always fully supported his passion for fly fishing throughout the years has loved being a part of his fishy lifestyle. An experienced fly-fishing guide for the past 12 years he loves meeting new people and has a passion for teaching. Rob feels the future of fly fishing resides in the youth of today. He looks forward to passing his knowledge of the sport to younger anglers and helping them learn mindfulness, as well as getting them excited about fly fishing! 


Eagle, Idaho

A retired middle school science teacher and high school swim coach, Greg has been fly fishing for 30 years and has caught 29 species in 18 states and 3 countries. All in the company of his loving wife, Jenny, who is an accomplished fly fisher in her own right. With encouragement from a teaching colleague, the Mayfly project seemed a perfect fit for Greg. He is looking forward to sharing his variety of fly fishing experiences, love for the outdoors, enthusiasm, and humor with young people.


Caldwell, Idaho

From the streets of LA to a small, rural Idaho town. From Dodgers and Lakers to lake trout and German Browns. The talk of town went from 1992 LA Riots to 2008Fiesta Bowl wins. Juan’s pickup sports a USC and BSU stickers side by side. A California native that called Idaho home before it was cool.
His journey into fly fishing was typical: he started out dunking worms, moved on to spinners, and finally found himself with a fly rod in his hand. These days he spends his time teaching high schoolers, coaching wrestling, fostering teens, and fishing Idaho water. In reality, his arrival at the Boise Mayfly Project could have been predicted as it gives him the opportunity to combine his two passions of helping kiddos and fishing.


Boise, Idaho

Mac, a 4th generation Idaho native, grew up around hunting and fishing. His first fly fishing experience was at 8 years old, running up a small creek with a rod, one fly, and a hat made out of a large leaf tied to his head. He has been fly fishing ever since. Mac lives in Boise, Idaho, and spends his time fly fishing as many nearby waters as he can, as often as he can. He has fished extensively throughout the Northwest as well as in Italy and Spain. Teaching his wife and sons how to fly fish has been one of the most profoundly impactful events in his life. He jumps at the chance to teach any other individuals who are curious about the sport and cannot wait to participate in The Mayfly Project.


Meridian, Idaho

As a small-town Northern Nevada girl, Richelle has always had a passion for fishing. Since she could remember, bass fishing was always one of her favorite things in the world. Richelle attended college at LCSC in Lewiston, ID. She graduated with her Associates Degree in 2012, moved back home to Nevada, then she moved to live in Idaho in 2016. You’ll usually see her with her spinning reel in hand, but in 2021 she got hooked on fly fishing and enjoys every second of it. Being someone that has worked through trauma, she looks forward to making a difference for children in foster care. Richelle is excited for her adventures as a mentor with the Mayfly Project and everything it stands for.


Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

Mark has fly fished numerous far-flung places around the globe as Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory; Antarctica (the water was hard); Alaska and Scotland. He is a technical educator who loves to teach and see that light bulb illuminate in his students. He looks forward to working with the Boise Mayfly Project.


Boise, Idaho

I am retired and have been married to my wife, Karen, for 31 years. I have 2 grown children. I was born and raised in Idaho and I am a graduate of the University of Utah. I spent 20 years in the Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer. After retiring from the Navy I worked for POWER Engineers in Boise, Idaho for 19 years. I retired in 2022. I have been fly-fishing for 20 years. I am looking forward to giving back to the community.


Boise, Idaho

Hi! I’m Marilee Iseley and I am so excited to support The Mayfly Project this year as a mentor. I grew up flyfishing and cherish the outdoor experiences I had as a child. As an adult, I had the opportunity to teach elementary school for seven years before having my own children. I’m grateful for the time that I now have to blend my desire to support children AND my love for the outdoors by being a mentor with The Mayfly Project. My husband, Chris, is almost a mentor and we look forward to serving these kids together. It’s going to be a great summer.


Boise, Idaho

Hi. I am Ron Compton and it’s a pleasure to be a mentor for the Mayfly project. I am an avid fly fisherman, golfer, snowboarder, or mountain biker. I grew up in the mountains of SW Colorado and now live in Boise, Idaho.


Boise, Idaho

Idaho native who grew up in the outdoors, she’s explored rivers, mountains, and lakes all across the Pacific Northwest, and has even explored deep sea fishing in other countries. She’s newer to fly fishing but has really enjoyed learning the process of it and the peace of being out on the river. She spends lots of time outside with her dogs, and loves living so close to the mountains . She has firsthand experience of what it’s like in the foster care system, and is really looking forward to working with children as a mentor and helping them find some joy in being outside and building a relationship with the beautiful outdoors!


Boise, Idaho

Born in Northern California, Alexi began tying flies and fly fishing in college. With a BS in Animal Science, she greatly enjoys the science behind fish, the insects they feed on and the preservation of rivers. When she’s not busy writing, Alexi is usually daydreaming about the fishing the rivers near her. A personal connection to the foster system making mentoring with the Mayfly Project a true honor for Alexi, as she knows what an impact it can have upon the lives of children who truly need it. Alexi lives in Boise with her husband and son.


Nampa, Idaho

Hi! My name is Dennis Fomin. I moved to Boise Idaho when I was about 9 years old, originally from California. I didn’t actually pick up fly fishing until much later in life, but I fished with my dad my entire life! The change to fly fishing and my passion for it originally stemmed from the conservation aspect as a whole. Fly fishing has taken me to many bodies of water all over the Northwest and US. I was able to incorporate it into every outdoor adventure! After high school, I went straight into real estate, I have been a realtor for 10 years now. I run a small team out of Downtown Nampa. I am really excited to work with the Mayfly Project and share my passion and the benefits fly fishing can have on an individual in so many ways!


Boise, Idaho

I grew up in the amazing Northwest learning to fly fish at a young age. My dad built my first rod, and I was hooked ever since. I’ve had many amazing experiences and love to share the thrill of fly-fishing with other like-minded people who also share a deep passion for being outdoors. I enjoy both single-hand and double-hand Spey rods and was gifted with amazing mentors who encouraged me and led me to compete at the international Spey-O-Rama competitions. As a way of giving back to those you have passed their knowledge and love of the sport, I look forward to making a positive impact while being a mentor and hope to inspire others to create a life of joy!

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