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Foster Child

The Mayfly Project Mentee

Los Angeles, California Project

Lead Mentor: Doug Rohrer

Project Location: Southern California – Los Angeles County (possible adjacent counties depending on mentors and foster candidates)

Project Founded: 2020 founded, will launch 2021

Mentors to be added to the team: 10

Children to mentor in 2021: 6-8

Local foster care partners:  CASA, LA, Penny Lane Centers,

Local sponsors/company partners: RFO Holdings Ltd., Fontamillas family.

Contact: Doug Rohrer, Los Angeles, CA

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Los Angeles, California Project

In the end, the objective of our efforts is not really to pull fish from the water but instead to elevate the condition of the foster children with whom we have the privilege of serving – through the simple act of fly fishing the principles of preparation, patience, focus, perseverance, consistency, conservation and grace take on new purpose and each outing the possibility of a new adventure, where the reward is life skills and fond memories that otherwise may have slipped by just like that trout had we not taken a chance, picked up a rod and made that first cast.

Douglas Rohrer

Lead Mentor, Los Angeles, California Project

Project Mentors


Los Angeles, California

While I’m native to Los Angeles, I grew up in rural New Jersey with the Rockaway River running through my backyard which provided a great opportunity for my dad and grandfather to introduce me to bait and fly fishing early on. Over the years fly fishing has provided many moments of bringing family and friends together and creating new enduring friendships with others who enjoy the outdoors, conservation of our waterways and holding something other than a mobile device for a few moments. The Mayfly Project presents a unique program to provide this same opportunity to children in need that otherwise may not be afforded the time, attention and access to fly fishing that so many of us are fortunate to enjoy. Doug and spouse Mary have a son (5) and daughter (9) and live in Lake Hollywood area of Los Angeles.


Huntington Beach, California

David, a transplant from the Washington DC area, has been living in Huntington Beach for the past 14 years. He is the epitome of a waterman, he lives by, works with, and plays in the water daily. Weather it’s fly fishing, surfing, paddle boarding or scuba diving, he enjoys it all. But it’s fly fishing that changed his life. When he started in 2000 with his father, their relationship was broken and nonexistent. And it was definitely a rocky start learning about the sport and each other. But 20+ years later they became inseparable, traveling the country, talking about fish, and chasing them together on the fly. And when he’s not chasing fish, David is typically out sharing the stoke with others. On most weekends you can find him doing surf therapy sessions with veterans, children, and adaptive athletes. He also gives back to his community as he serves as a commissioner on his city’s Public Works Commission. Sharing his love for fly fishing will be natural for David and he will be an amazing fit with The Mayfly Project community.


Los Angeles, California

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Sam grew up hiking and camping all over Mt. Hood. In 2017, he happened upon his dad’s old fly gear, took it backpacking and never fully recovered! When he’s not teaching high school English, Sam is thinking about fishing, tying flies, looking for new spots on Google Earth, or wetting line out on the water. Sam is passionate about stewardship of his community and his region’s natural spaces and is excited to combine those passions as a mentor with the Mayfly Project


Los Angeles, California

My name is Beau Gunn and I am originally from Charleston, SC. I have been fly fishing for around 30 years. I have lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Bozeman, Montana. I feel fortunate to have been able to fish a lot of the great streams of the West. Although I have saltwater fished my whole life within the past 15 years, I have been actively pursuing catching various saltwater fish on fly. Fishing is my passion and I hope that I can share my love of fishing, the environment and the beauty of nature as a mentor for the Mayfly Project!


Pasadena, California

My name is Lily Blake-Shepherd and I live in Pasadena, California. I love exploring new places trying to find native trout. I mostly fish with a nymph rig, although I hope to learn more ways to throw flies as I continue my fly-fishing journey. My favorite fishing story is when a mink swam straight between my legs as I was wading one day! Being still in nature is what keeps me coming back to the water. Can’t wait to fish together soon!


Irvine, California

My name is Seth and I while I live in Orange County, my mind is in the wilderness of the mountain rivers. How can a place be peaceful yet exciting, frustrating yet rewarding, and unconquerable yet nurturing? I don’t know but something magical happens when you put a fishing rod in your hand, and I want to share that with everyone! One of my favorite fishing moments happen when I was teaching a friend to fly fish. He hooked into two fish at the same time on his first cast, which is something I have never done. I hope I can have the same kind of results with the Mayfly Project. See you on the water!


Los Angeles, California

I started fishing when I was 5 years old and have been fly fishing over 20 years. I’ve been fishing all over the world, but my favorite place is the Missouri River in Craig, Mt. It’s been an annual trip for over 10 years, and I look forward to it every year. Looking forward to getting out and helping to introduce younger people to the joys of fly fishing. Brett, spouse Linda and son (8) are residents of Los Angeles.


Redondo Beach, California

A born and raised Los Angelino, I started fishing when I was 6 years old while camping with the family on the Kern River and have enjoyed it ever since. I’ve been primarily a spin fisher and have a yearly trip or two to get my deep-sea fix. It has been a while since I did much fly fishing with any regularity, but I’m excited to be getting back into the water. I’ve spent some time mentoring kids and young adults in foster care to be self-sufficient in the wild during extended backpacking trips. I’m excited to continue sharing my time in nature with kids that may learn to love it as much as I do. Robb and his spouse along with son (7) live in the South Bay, Los Angeles.


Lone Pine, California

Conner grew up in the mountains of Southern California camping, backpacking, and hunting. He has dedicated his career to protecting our National Forests as a wildland firefighter and spends his free time hunting and fishing these same forests. Conner recently relocated to the Owens Valley where he has pushed himself to fish big and little water at both high and low altitudes, essentially willing to go anywhere there are fish. He is committed to conservation and learning all he can about the outdoors. Conner brings a unique perspective, with his wife having grown up in the foster care system. This has sparked an interest in providing opportunities and encouragement that his wife missed with the hopes of opening the world of fishing.

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Los Angeles, California Project

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