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Roanoke, Virginia Project

Lead Mentor: Scott Barrier

Co-Lead Mentor: Helen Barrier

Project Location: Roanoke, Virginia

Project Founded: 2023, serving in 2024

Mentors on the team: 11 Mentors

Children mentored to date: 0

Children to mentor in 2024: 6-8

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for partners for this project.

Local sponsors/company partners: Currently searching for local sponsors and partners.

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Roanoke, Virginia Project

Fly fishing either alone or with a companion, allows an individual to be outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, experience peace and calm, and offers a unique challenge “in the moment” each and every time. This is what I believe the Mayfly Project offers everyone that is involved and participating.

Scott Barrier

Lead Mentor, Roanoke, Virginia Project

Project Mentors

Scott Barrier, Lead Mentor

Bent Mountain, Virginia

Scott is a Virginia native and has been fly-fishing for 40 years and currently resides in Bent Mountain, VA. He has been fortunate to fish much of South West Virginia, the Rocky Mountain West and Alaska over those many years. He is currently involved with Project Healing Waters for Veterans as a guide and SW Virginia Deputy Regional Program Coordinator. He has raised 4 children and currently enjoys 5 grandchildren teaching each of them to fish, enjoy and respect nature. He is very passionate about passing on his love for the outdoors and fishing. Scott looks forward to sharing those passions with young people in his role as lead mentor for the Roanoke Virginia Mayfly Project.

Helen Barrier, Co-Lead Mentor

Bent Mountain, Virginia

Helen resides on Bent Mountain, VA and enjoys all activities outdoors. She is beyond excited to share the quietude of this mountain with youth who desperately need it. Helen has a professional background in supporting students with disabilities at T/TAC at Virginia Tech for twenty years, so serving in the co-lead role for The Mayfly Roanoke Project is a great fit. She and Scott have raised 4 children and cherish sharing time in the outdoors with their 5 grandchildren. Helen finds energy and purpose in collaborative leadership within the community and is looking forward to supporting youth as they learn a lifelong sport, that people truly care about them, and that nature heals.

Shane Shubert, Mentor

Roanoke, Virginia

I was born and raised in SW Virginia, I was fishing before I could walk. I picked up my first fly rod when I was around 10 years old. I love to be outdoors hiking, camping and always fishing. Spending many many years in the military gave me the opportunity to fish all over the world. I have been fortunate to land many different species of fish with a fly rod. I love to tie my own flies. To me it is one of the most relaxing things that I can do other than being in the water. I am a Sports Performance Coach, High School Soccer Coach and Personal Trainer. Working with kids is something I do daily and having the opportunity to work with foster children and teach them the love of fly fishing and conservation is a dream come true.

Mike Perdue, Mentor

Bent Mountain, Virginia

A Virginia native, I grew up in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and trapping. I started dabbling in fly fishing in my pre-teen years catching bass and blue gills in ponds using a popping bug. Just before i retired, i started getting serious about it. I started tying my own flies and hitting the streams whenever i could. Some say that fly fishing is allot of work with all that back and forth with the rod and holding handfuls of line. I say nonsense! I have found it to be very therapeutic and when you make that perfect cast, the fly hits the water so soft that it doesn’t make a ripple, then BANG! That trout comes right out of the water with it. That is as pure as it gets for the outdoorsman..

Mark Colwell, Mentor

Roanoke, Virginia

Mark is a local to the Blue Ridge mountains of SW Virginia and pretty much lives, breaths, and sleeps, either fly fishing or thinking about it. He is a volunteer guide with Project Healing Waters helping fellow disabled Veterans, and he owes his total immersion and passion for this sport to this organization. He has a beautiful wife and 2 kids that he considers to be the most amazing and undeserved blessing ever bestowed on him. Mark is eager to participate in The Mayfly Project and to share this beautiful pastime with any kid who’s interested.


Roanoke, Virginia

I was born and raised in Roanoke, VA. I loved fishing growing up and during the pandemic, about 4 years ago, my husband introduced me to fly fishing. I had admired the sport since watching A River Runs Through It and was so tickled to begin to learn. I love doing anything outdoors! In my younger years before I got into insurance, I taught music to preschoolers and then became a preschool teacher. Outside of working full time for an insurance agency, I am a certified group fitness instructor which has included education in youth fitness. I enjoy working with youth and feel that getting them interested in fly fishing at a young age and enjoying the outdoors is so beneficial for them. I am so excited for this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of foster children.


Bent Mountain, Virginia

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and my family taught me the love of the outdoors and the water. I’ve lived in Southwest Virginia for 32 years, with the last 16 years in Bent Mountain. We have a son who is in college, a daughter who is a senior in high school and my husband works in Roanoke. I spend my time volunteering a different organizations. One of the organizations that I volunteer for supports children in the foster care system. I have a strong passion to support children in the foster care system, which is why I wanted to be a mentor in the Mayfly Project.
I’m looking forward to touching the lives of several foster care children and sharing my love for the water and outdoors with them.


Copper Hill, Virginia

Tanya Hylton is a retired oncology nurse having worked over thirty years at Blue Ridge Cancer Care. She grew up in a small town in New York and moved to the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains as a senior in high school. “Outside” is her preferred state of being and she spent four years living on a mountain in Ferrum without electricity or running water. She currently lives on Bent Mountain with her husband and two horses. Although she has no experience fly fishing she is an eager learner and is most excited to work with foster children in this program.


Roanoke, Virginia

I grew up all over the US; Learning to bass fish in Texas and spending the summers fishing the lakes of New Hampshire with my grandpa. When we moved to Virginia my senior year of high school, I picked up fly fishing as a way to cope with the move. Over the last 20 years I have slowly become more and more passionate about fly fishing. I now reside in Roanoke with my wife and two young kids. I love to be outside, and I fill my free time fishing or talking about fishing. I understand first-hand the therapeutic value of fly fishing and look forward to participating as a mentor!


Roanoke, Virginia

Kevin is a Texas native and moved to Roanoke, Virginia in 2002, where his love of the outdoors and nature grew. Kevin has always shared his passion for the outdoors with his wife and two children. He began fly fishing about 10 years ago as a member of Project Healing Waters. For Kevin, his love of fly fishing emanates from the undeniable peace and tranquility he finds in the currents of a wide river or babbling brook. Kevin is excited to be a mentor and honored to share his passion of the outdoors and fly fishing with foster children.


Roanoke, Virginia

Dr. Hooper, a retired orthopedic hand surgeon, comes to the Mayfly Project with decades of fly fishing experience. He has been a fly fishing guide for Project Healing Waters, a non-profit fishing organization dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our military veterans. He is excited to work with our youth and looks forward to getting the next generation hooked on fly fishing!


Roanoke, Virginia

A Ohio native, but has lived in the beautiful countryside of S.W. Virginia since the mid- 1980’s. Enjoys the outdoors, all types of fishing and hiking. With a heart to serve others, he assists with other great programs like Healing Waters, and looks forward to growing in his new role as a mentor for the Roanoke Valley Mayfly Project.

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