Thank you so much! My boys loved time with your mentors today. They were both anxious to get home and tell our neighbors all the fun they had today fly fishing! 

Foster Parent

Pikes Peak Project, 2019

Pikes Peak, Colorado Project

Lead Mentor: Dustin Brewer

 Co-Lead Mentor: Kaleb Lukert

Project location: Pikes Peak, Colorado

Year project founded: 2017, by Matty Short

Mentors on this team: 13

Children mentored to date: 11

Children to be mentored in 2021: 8-10

Local foster care partners: Kids Crossing in Pueblo, Hope and Home in Colorado Springs

Local companies that support this project: Trout Unlimited – Pueblo Chapter, Trout Unlimited – Colorado Springs Chapter, Anglers Covey in Colorado Springs, Cort and Karen Stevens at Sporting Times Ranch in Canon City, Wingate Family. Currently looking for support and sponsorship for 2022.

To join this team, or provide local support, please contact our lead mentor here:

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Pikes Peak, Colorado Project

There is peace on the water that you will find no place else in the world. Where all the worries and stressors of life no longer matter. These kids on a daily basis fight emotional battles no one could ever imagine. Fly fishing gives them the opportunity to let down their defenses, enjoy life, and be a kid. Our project has done an amazing job at working together to make this possible for the kids in the community. Despite blizzards and driving countless hours, the mentors on the Pikes Peak team always pull through.

Matty Short

Pikes Peak Founder, Pikes Peak Project

Project Mentors


Castle Rock, Colorado

I am a Colorado native and grew up south east of Denver in a small town. I have been fishing and hunting my whole life. Fly fishing really became my passion after the last few years and I’m mostly self taught. I get out in the mountains and find new places to fish every chance I get, and when I’m not fishing I’m trying to tie new patterns and become a better fly tier. I really enjoy sharing my passion with other people and am very excited to help and teach more kids.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kaleb is a Colorado transplant from Texas. He has lived in Colorado off and on for more than a few years. The river and mountains always call him back. Most weekends you will find Kaleb on the gold medal waters of the South Platte. Kaleb is a life long angler with an absolute obsession for fly fishing. He loves teaching anyone to fly fish and instilling a passion for river and fish conservation. Kaleb’s favorite quote is one by the great John Muir. “Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”


Peyton, Colorado

Matty was born and raised in the cornfields of North East Indiana. As an avid hunter in Indiana, passions quickly switched gears once moving to Colorado and were introduced to fly fishing. Matty is currently pursuing a degree in Wildlife Education at Colorado State University – Pueblo, and when he’s not with his family, he can be found fishing the Arkansas Tail Waters or high mountain lakes.


Pikes Peak, Colorado

Luke is a Colorado native, growing up on the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs. During high school he expanded his passion for fishing and picked up a fly rod. Learning in eleven mile canyon taught him the intricacies and beauty that exists in this environment. He brought his passion to Washington state where he attended Whitworth University. As a student pursuing a biology degree with aspirations to become a doctor, he also founded the Whitworth Fly Fishing Club with a buddy where he was able to share his passion with others. In the midst of college summers, Luke guided for South Platte Fly Shop in Woodland Park, Colorado. Currently he is working as a medical scribe in Colorado Springs and is fishing when ever possible! Luke is very excited to be sharing in the fun and enriching environment as a mentor for The Mayfly Project.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nick grew up fishing in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. At the age of 5, his Dad gave him his first rod and taught him how to catch native brook trout on the tiny mountain streams near their cabin. As Nick grew older, his love of fly fishing grew with him. At the age of 10 he started to teach himself how to tie his own flies and when he turned 16, with his newly acquired driver’s license, would disappear for days at a time in search of new waters.

After Nick graduated from high school, he attended West Virginia University where he received a BS in Geology. Here, he became involved with the University’s fly fishing club, teaching fly tying classes to various age groups and leading fly fishing trips to the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Currently, Nick resides in Colorado Springs where he continues to explore the back country and high alpine areas of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. He has also expanded his fishing adventures to parts of Florida, Louisiana, Mexico and the Bahamas in pursuit of new saltwater species.

Nick joined the Mayfly project because he is forever grateful for being introduced to fly fishing at a young age and being able to carry it with him throughout his life. The opportunities it has given him, the amazing places and things he has been able to experience through it and the life long friendships he has made along the way are the things that he cherishes the most in life and he hopes to introduce and share every beautiful thing that fly fishing has to offer with those who may otherwise never get the chance experience it.


Pikes Peak, Colorado

Mike is a Colorado native, growing up in Pueblo, CO. Growing up he spent his spare time fishing at the Pueblo Reservoir, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. Mike began fly fishing and soon traded in the lakes for the rivers. With a background in law enforcement Mike is passionate about building up his community and making the streets safer for all to enjoy. He believes in staying active and being outdoors. He enjoys taking his three sons fishing, and is looking forward to being a positive role model and mentor for children; helping them to build confidence, skills, positive relationships, and a love for the outdoors.


Pueblo West, Colorado

I am a native Texan, now a Texpat living in sunny Colorado! I moved to Pueblo, Colorado to attend Colorado State University. I am a full time student in my junior year seeking a Bachelors degree in Wildlife and Natural Resources Conservation. I am planning on getting my masters as well, and hope to become an active member of the conservation community as a Wildlife Biologist.

I am also an Army veteran. I served for five years, with the bulk of my service being stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. I was enlisted as Radio Communications Security Repairer, and left the army honorably as an E-4, Specialist.

I am a proud outdoorsman, hunter, and fisherman. I got “bit by the bug” of fly-fishing when fellow veterans introduced me to the incredible (frustrating and exhilarating) sport soon after moving into Colorado. I had only ever seen fly fishing in Texas once growing up, and its casting methods mesmerized me into wanting to take up this elusive pursuit of fish on light tackle an fly line. Being able to share the skills I’ve learned from fly fishing, and sharing the immensely positive experiences that come when the fish takes the fly, and lighting jolts your fingertips with those not so far behind my own journey. To be an ambassador to the joys that nature can provide in spades to the future champions of our wild places, it is a true honor and delight to introduce this world to the children in my community.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lauren is a Colorado native who grew up just west of Colorado Springs. She has always been drawn to the water and started fly fishing 3 years ago. She has a passion for the outdoors and spends most of her time on her mountain bike or fishing in the mountains. Lauren’s all time favorite place to fish is on the head waters of the Big Horn River in the Wind River canyon located in Wyoming. Lauren is more than excited to be a part of The Mayfly Project team!


Centennial, Colorado

Growing up in the mountains outside Estes Park, CO, Sunny Bradford has grown a love for the outdoors through hiking, camping, fishing, & bike riding throughout Colorado and the rest of the USA. In all that time, he just found fly fishing a few years ago. Quickly though, his passion for fly fishing has grown and he now hits a river or lake almost once a week. The opportunity to share his experience with children in the Mayfly Project is inspiring. Sunny has a over a decade in experience working with kids as a substitute teacher (K-12), a paraprofessional for special needs children and as a childcare/camp director. He currently is the Senior Health & Safety Specialist at Metro Wastewater in Denver and has 3 girls under the age of 12.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

I am a 3rd generation Colorado native. My passion for the outdoors stemmed from my family who frequently spent weekends camping, hunting and fishing all over Colorado. I graduated from UCCS with a degree in Geography emphasizing in Geographic Information Systems and now currently work as a GIS Analyst for the City of Colorado Springs. I am extremely passionate about teaching others skills to enjoy the outdoors and about creating memories that last a lifetime through those experiences. Even the smallest moments can have the most profound impact and I know that volunteering as a mentor for The Mayfly Project creates that opportunity; I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this project and the great team of individuals who make it happen.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

For Breezy, fishing and foster care are two very close things to her heart. She was child who grew up in foster care after many different homes, schools, and even states (WY->WA), at age 14, she found her biological father in CO. That summer moved to Colorado Springs, CO where her dad first taught her to fish and love the outdoors. She fell in love with fly fishing 4 years ago and is hoping her love for the sport and coming from a similar background will equate to a beneficial mentor ship for these children.


Manitou Springs, Colorado

At the age of 2 years old Lyndsey was given her very first fishing rod and has never looked back. As a Colorado native, Lyndsey has been able to fish some of the countries most amazing waters ,and decided to take her loving of fishing to a new level. In 2018 she discovered her love of not only fishing, but fly fishing. It has brought so much light to her life during trying times and she is very passionate about showing others how fly fishing can provide not only a hobby but an escape. Lyndsey is a single mom of two amazing little boys who she is also teaching how to fly fish, it has given her a lot of insight into how to teach and be patient on the water.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

A Colorado native, Jen grew up fishing with her family on lakes and streams all across the US. She has spent over 30 years serving in the Department of Defense and loves donating her time to mission work in foreign countries. With a heart for children she joined the Pikes Peak Region Mayfly project in 2020 to share her love for the outdoors and fishing.


Canon City, Colorado

Evan is a Colorado native and has fished since he was very young. He has done all kinds of fishing from chasing bass from a boat to still water bank fishing, and float tubing. About 4 years ago the only rod you will find in his hand is a fly rod. It has become his passion and is in the water almost every day. He is currently a fly-fishing guide in Canon City and loves to teach fly fishing to as many people as he can. Although new to the Mayfly Project, he will contribute with his knowledge, and patience with kids of all ages.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Adam grew up in Georgia and fell in love with fly fishing in the north Georgia mountains during his college and grad school years. After graduating with his doctorate in physical therapy, he relocated to Colorado Springs to be closer to some of the best fly fishing in the U.S. Adam grew a passion for mentoring youth through years as a camp counselor in North Carolina. Being part of The Mayfly Project gives Adam the opportunity to bring his passion of fly fishing to youth that could spur on a lifelong peace found in the great outdoors.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

I moved to Colorado from Illinois in 2012. Feel in love with Colorado and got into fly fishing about 5 years ago. Now, fly fishing is where I find peace and serenity and am able to get away from the stresses of my day to day. As someone who made a lot of poor decisions in my youth and as a young adult I hope to be able to give some kids the same passion that I have in hopes to keep them on a good path and out of trouble.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Growing up on the East Coast, Jacob started fishing in the North Georgia Mountains after graduating college. Now living in Colorado Springs he enjoys all that Colorado has to offer. He hopes to pass the peace that can be found on the water along to others.
“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” – Thoreau


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kaylee began fly fishing in December 2018 and has been hooked ever since. She grew up in Cañon City, Colorado and later relocated to Colorado Springs. Her passion is the art of fly fishing, learning more about the entomology, and the beautiful places fishing can take you. She loves exploring high alpine lakes with her shihtzu , floating the North Platte in Wyoming with her friends, and getting fish to chomp dry flies! She is excited to share the sport and adventure with others as a mentor.


Peyton, Colorado

I started fly fishing on and off in 11 mile canyon as a kid beca use I grew up in Colorado Springs. After high school I went off into the Army to work on ground radio systems. I moved back to Colorado Springs in 2018 to work on space systems and have been an avid fly fishmen ever since. I also tie flies every night ranging from small size 26 flies all the way up to size 6/0 musky flies.

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