West Virginia is home to some of the most wild and beautiful places. These are the kinds of places that can heal the soul, and that is why our mountain state project will be a wonderful resource for our youth who reside within it. Fly fishing has been an outlet for me, and I am excited to share that with others. It is a culture that comes with a supportive community and is something that brings you closest to some of nature’s most vibrant creatures. In a complicated world, life is simple when you are out on the water. With a skill these youth can carry with them through life, fly fishing is a way to encourage them to care for nature, because nature in turn, cares for them too. 

Becca Myers, Lead Mentor

Morgantown, West Virginia Project

Morgantown, West Virginia Project

Lead Mentor: Becca Myers

Project location: Morgantown, West Virginia

Year project founded: 2022

Mentors on this team: We are currently building our team of mentors!

Children mentored in 2022: 25

Local foster care partners: KVC West Virginia

Local companies and partners that support this project: Trout Unlimited, Experience Learning, Inc., and our local community!

Contact Lead Mentor: Becca Myers, rmyers@experience-learning.org

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Morgantown, West Virginia Project

I can’t wait to give these kids the chance to create meaningful experiences and develop relationships with the outdoors that remain constant and dependable through life’s seasons!

Becca Myers

Lead Mentor, Morgantown, West Virginia Project

Project Mentors


Reedsville, West Virginia

Becca is a native of West Virginia and was introduced to fishing as a young child. What started out as flipping rocks along the stream in pursuit of finding encased caddis flies lead to a lifestyle revolving around the outdoors. Her favorite fishing days involve hiking to backcountry streams to lay out a dry fly for native brookies. If the fish aren’t biting, she is just as content wandering through the scenery and snapping photos along the way. In her professional work, she collaborates with local schools implementing outdoor education programs within the classroom. Giving youth the opportunity to form meaningful experiences with the outdoors and getting them excited about their environment and local watersheds is one of the most rewarding parts of her job. Becca is excited to expand The Mayfly Project to the mountain state and looks forward to seeing the positive impact this project can have on our rivers and on our kids!


Elkins, West Virginia

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jeffrey moved to West Virginia in 2005 to make a better life with his family in the Appalachian Mountains. Two things reignited his passion for fishing upon arriving in the state; the many wonderful fishing opportunities already in place for multiple fish species, and the many potential opportunities for reviving impaired streams. Recognizing the therapeutic qualities of the water through river and lake cleanups, educating himself on aquatic ecosystems, and teaching his three sons the art of fly fishing, Jeffrey is excited to help others share in this passion through his role as a mentor in the West Virginia Mayfly Project.


Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Matt cut his teeth spin fishing for smallmouth bass. he began to learn fly fishing at 14 years old from the Family Tyes non-profit group. Matt learned not only about fly fishing but giving back to the fishing community in general. Matt has fly fished all over the country, but most prefers his home waters in northern Pennsylvania. After teaching fly fishing for 15 years, he is looking forward to continuing working with children to pass on what he has learned about fishing.


Cabins, West Virginia

As a West Virginia native, Sam grew up running through the mountains searching for trout almost every weekend. This outdoor passion thrusted him towards a career in conservation, where he currently works with the WV Conservation Agency and lives in Cabins, WV. He believes in helping educate and impassion young anglers in fly fishing, since that was such an impactful part of his own up-bringing. It can lead to new and better stewards of the sport in the future. He is looking forward to being a mentor in the new Morgantown, WV Mayfly Project!

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Lead Mentor Highlight, Fredericksburg, Virginia!

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Morgantown, West Virginia Project

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