“I can’t wait to show everyone the pictures of the fish I caught!” 

TMP Mentee

The Mayfly Project

Fayetteville, Arkansas Project

Project Lead Mentor: Bradley Bridges

Co-Lead Mentor: Tyler Stephens

Project Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Year Project Founded: 2021

Mentors on this team: 21

Children mentored to date: 14

Children to be mentored in 2024: 12

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for partners.

Local companies that support this project: C & S plumbing, Cortessanchez Family, Crafton Tull Foundation, Inc., Rich Sales

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Contact Us: https://themayflyproject.com/contact/

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Fayetteville, Arkansas Project

Our goal is to share our passion for fly fishing and conservation by instilling confidence and building relationships with kids involved in our project. The scenic streams of the Ozarks are unforgettable and we feel every child deserves the opportunity to experience and appreciate the therapeutic benefits of our natural resources.

Bradley Bridges

Lead Mentor, Fayetteville, Arkansas Project

Project Mentors


Prairie Grove, Arkansas

Bradley is an Arkansas native, born and raised in the Arkansas Delta. He moved to the Ozark Mountains in his teens and has called Northwest Arkansas home ever since. An avid outdoorsman and self-proclaimed river rat, he enjoys spending time on local streams floating, fishing and camping with his wife and two daughters. Bradley is very excited to share his passion for fly fishing and extremely blessed to be a part of The Mayfly Project in Northwest Arkansas.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

I grew up in Fayetteville, Ar. I spent most of my free time growing up wading every river and creek around. I moved to the Florida coast in my early 20s to chase bigger fish in hopes of guiding. It didn’t take long for the clear streams and my wife to call me back to Arkansas. I started fly fishing in 6th grade through a program in middle school. That is where I fell in love with the sport. Now I go on trips with the school to teach the new generation the passion that consumed me years ago and is still going strong. Seeing a kid net their first fish is one of the best feelings of accomplishment that I have found. I am really looking forward to this new adventure with The Mayfly Project!


Fayetteville, Arkansas

Growing up with family in Arkansas, Preston has been making fishing trips to the Spring and White River his entire life. 6 years ago he started fly fishing on those rivers and has not looked back since. Now living in Fayetteville, he can be found below the Bull Shoals or Norfork Dams almost every weekend. He is looking forward to combining his experience in child care with fly fishing in his new role as Mentor for the Fayetteville Chapter of the Mayfly Project.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

A lifelong Arkansawyer, Justin grew up fishing the warm waters of central Arkansas. He relocated to the Ozark Mountain town of Fayetteville, Arkansas for college where he met his wonderful wife, Jane Marie. They live in Fayetteville with their 3 children and too many dogs.
Justin supports his fishing by teaching middles school history and science in Fayetteville. For the last 8 years he has run the Fly Fishing program at McNair Middle School founded by Coach David Hunt. This allows Justin to get around seventy kids a year out on the Trout waters of Southern Missouri and N. Arkansas.
Justin is motivated to get kids outside and keep them learning and loving life in the Ozarks, he can’t wait to help support the mission of Mayfly Project.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

Carl grew up in Wynne, Arkansas, fishing for bass and panfish as far back as he can remember. While studying architecture at the University of Arkansas, a classmate introduced him to fly fishing and his passion for fly fishing was born. His career as a hospitality architect has provided him the opportunity to live and travel throughout the US and internationally. Whenever possible, he strives to blend his travels with a fly-fishing opportunity. He is now circling back to where his fly fishing all started by moving to Fayetteville to continue his professional practice in hospitality development and design consulting with his company, Two Trout. He is looking forward to re-exploring the Arkansas waters and introducing others to fly fishing.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

Originally from Little Rock, Joey moved up to Fayetteville in 2008. He had always been interested to learn fly fishing, so in 2021 he decided to hire a guide. Since then, the activity has become a passion, though his fiance, Claire, will call it an obsession. Joey is excited to mentor and teach a younger generation about the joys that it has to offer.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

Graham was born and raised in North Little Rock, AR where he had easy access to lakes, ponds and streams. Luckily for him, his parents decided to pass along their love for the outdoors. If memory serves, they must have spent every available weekend of his youth on the Little Red River in Heber Springs, AR. Graham relocated to Fayetteville, AR to attend the U of A in 2009, and has stayed ever since. He lives there with his wife, Alyssa and their daughter, Margot. When he is not playing Mr. Mom, chasing fish, or attempting to be a carpenter, you will likely find him working as a financial advisor. One eavesdropped chat at the local fly shop about TMP was all it took to get started, and for that he is eternally grateful.


Fayetteville, Arkansas

Dan is an Army veteran that has lived multiple places and is from Raleigh, NC and currently lives in Northwest Arkansas. He enjoys traveling to fish new places and also loves getting kids into fly fishing. Favorite fishing spots include Beaver Lake and White River in Arkansas, North Carolina mountains and coast, and some of the tailwaters leading into Lake Erie in NY.


Springdale, Arkansas

Colter grew up fishing for catfish, bass and sunfish in the warm water fisheries of North Alabama. After serving for 7 years in the Air Force and relocating to Northwest Arkansas for his last duty station, Colter decided to pursue fly fishing as a career by attending the Gallatin River Guide School in Big Sky, Montana, and now works as a part time fly fishing guide on the White River.


Fayettville, Arkansas

I’m a sophomore at the University of Arkansas and I spend most of my weekends fly fishing!

News & Events

It’s Giving Tuesday, 2023!!

It’s Giving Tuesday, 2023!!

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We’re Thankful for YOU!

We’re Thankful for YOU!

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Virginia Department of Wildlife Services Support!

Virginia Department of Wildlife Services Support!

Our Virginia Projects were thrilled to receive grant support from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources this season! Because of their generosity, we were able to introduce fly fishing, teach our conservation initiative, and make the outdoors more accessible...

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Fayetteville, Arkansas Project

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