“Thank you so much for this. The interaction with the volunteers has been great to watch, and I love how it’s much more than just about catching fish, but building character and stewardship. Again, you are all awesome for this!” —Mentee Caregiver, TMP Boise Project

We are fortunate to have been able to serve 13 kids this year in Boise! We’ve had an outstanding group of kids who’ve shown up at each outing eager to learn and willing to engage in various aspects of fly fishing which include casting, conservation and fly tying.

In between sessions, we have had one mentee who is doing his own research on fly fishing as was demonstrated by his request to learn how to execute the double haul cast. We had not previously discussed the double haul cast; however, to see our this mentee fully engaged and using fly fishing as a positive outlet in between session further affirms the necessity of The Mayfly Project’s as a valuable outlet for youth in foster care and youth who’ve been adopted from foster care.




Huge THANK YOU to the caregivers that brought the kids to each outing, and to the Williams Family Fund, Idaho Community Foundation, Payette Brewing, and all of our local donors and company sponsors that made this project so successful!  Kudos to our TMP Boise Mentors and our Lead Mentor, Kimberly Cordero, and Co-Lead, Jeremy Sanders!! It takes a village!!!

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