As the founders of The Mayfly Project, our belief in the power of fly fishing and mentorship grows exponentially every season because of the wonderful leads and mentors joining our teams.

The village of TMP is held together by our leads and mentors who make the time to not only teach the healing art of fly fishing, but going above and beyond to ensure every child in their projects felt special, safe, and valued!!! We wish we could share every success story with you and also thank each and every mentor personally for their dedication this year.

You can see by the quotes below how special and hard working our mentors are when working with their mentees!!

Mentee Quotes:
One thing I will remember from these outings is how to be more environmentally friendly.
My favorite part was talking with my mentor and fishing with them and all the fun activates we did with all of mayfly.
I’ll remember all the fun experiences and all the mentors and people that supported me along the way.
One thing I will remember is I know how to cast catch and release fish that I catch.
I had fun!
I liked meeting new people and fishing outdoors.
I’ll remember the fun times I had with my mentor
Catching turtles was really fun.
Catching 16 fish on my first day of fly fishing!
I like spending time with the mentors.
I loved everything.

Caregiver Quotes:
I am so thankful for all the support from the staff to my child. He’s going to cherish this experience forever and he loves fly fishing!!! The mentors are truly his heroes.

My foster daughter learned so much and always felt relaxed and happy after our fishing times.

This project was a wonderful bonding experience between brothers!

We went to a lake recently and my son brought his gear along to fish! Also, he met a fellow fly fisher who helped him tie and talked about the fly fish community so I really appreciate that he’s now part of a niche community.

I was so truly impressed not only with Pam (Columbus, OH) and her organization of the events, but each and every one of the mentors as well as the materials that were used.

Every single one of the mentors was kind, caring and made each child feel special while teaching them.

My son not only learned about fly fishing but so much more. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with a child who likes to be outdoors.

It was one of the best experiences we’ve had!

My daughter had THE BEST female mentor who she clicked with right away. That doesn’t happen very often for her so it meant a lot. She enjoyed fly fishing but talked just as much about her mentor.

They continue to talk about their experiences. What a great opportunity for them, I am so grateful they had this experience to be around positive people, learn about fly fishing, and meet new friends!

My son had the best time. He looked forward to every outing and really enjoyed learning new things each week. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for him.

He would always come home with fun tales of what fish he caught or what he did. He loves to fish and this is such an amazing program. Everyone was so kind and helpful! Thank you for all your hard work putting this program together!

My son is adopted and I do not think it is a coincidence that this is his first year really being open to others about it. I feel like he met other kids that are like him and it helped him feel better about himself and his story. Also, he already knew some of the basics of fly fishing and I think it helped his confidence to help other kids as they were learning. THIS HAS BEEN EVERYTHING!!!!

With nearly 90 lead and co-lead mentors, 50 conservation mentors, 2,000 mentors on our teams, and 65 projects across the country, we are so honored to serve in so many communities!

Thank you to our leads, conservation mentors, mentors, foster care partners, caregivers and donors for their dedication this season! We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday Season!!



TMP Founders


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