This was our first ever Las Vegas, Nevada Project season! We were thankful to have our lead mentor, Kris Lubwiszewski, at the helm with his great team of mentors. Here’s a bit about their final last outing and project wrap up:

We started the morning of our last outing with a little pre meeting coffee, cookies, and fishing talk. We went through our routine of how was school, what’s going at home, how are your other activities, etc, then we dove into the important stuff! And when I tell you we were impressed with the knowledge the kids retained, we were IMPRESSED! Everything from invasive species, to parts of the fish, to the items we use to fish!

We then told the kids we have an experiment with new gear that TMP wanted us to try that was special for us in LV. They were so excited! We then hit the ponds in full force. We threw everything at them! One kid hit a beautiful little bluegill. We couldn’t get a picture, but the memory is there to last a lifetime! Then lunch time! We ate some pizza, relaxed, and enjoyed the amazing company we were with. After lunch, we did a short casting session and fished some more.

At the end of the project, we told the kids that they were going home with their hard earned new gear!! SURPRISE!! There were a few tears, a lot of high fives, and plenty of hugs! The kids actually expressed interest in wanting to fish more! So awesome! One of the mom’s broke down and told me that we have had such an amazing impact on them. Grades were up, less fighting, more studying, etc!! Such an amazing moment!Here is a text from mom:“A HUGE thank you from our family for all you did pouring into our son’s. On the drive home, one of our other children asked “Are you gonna teach me to fish now? :)”My final thought with them was they need to share what they learned with their siblings and continue to fish. Welp, looks like their siblings had the same idea!

Great job, Las Vegas Team! If you would like to support this project, register a foster child for next year, or join us in spreading the word, please reach out to us! We also want to thank our donors and company partners that make these experiences possible!!

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