The Mayfly Project has developed a reward system where our kids can earn buttons by completing tasks throughout the project.  Kids can also proudly display these buttons on their drawstring backpacks to show their achievements and progression through the project.  This will the goal to build self-esteem through achieving goals, and to help youth stay focused on the TMP goals.  Instructional and interactive – what a great way to  keep kids engaged and excited.

Just check out the cool buttons they can earn!

Casting Button – Way to Earn – Casting a Yarn Fly in a hula Hoop.

Catch and Release – Way to Earn – Catching and Releasing a Fish Or Demonstrate how to properly hold and release with a plastic fish.

Keep our Rivers Clean – Way to Earn – Pick up 3 items of trash during a fishing outing.

Aquatic Invasive Species – Way to Earn – Complete AIS game.

Knot – Way to Earn – Demonstrate a proper Clinch, Surgeons, Uni or other knot used in fly fishing.

Fish On – Way to Earn – Kids get these on their last session with their gear.  The kids will also leave with gear so they can continue to fish or “fish on”.

Fly Tying – Way to Earn – Tie a fly (simple or complex does not matter). Fly does not have to be pretty. 😉

Entomology – Way to earn – Turn over a rock in the stream and identify a bug on the rock.

Safety – Way to Earn – This button is given when a child is wearing their glasses without having to be told.

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