Thank you to the Tie-A-Thon!!!


The phrase, “many hands make light work,” is the core of what TMP stands for and is how we are able to serve so many kids each year. Running The Mayfly Project across the USA and into the United Kingdom takes not only lead mentors, conservation mentors, mentors, foster care partners, and donors, but a huge amount of people behind the scenes, tying flies and networking for TMP!!

Please help us thank the Tie-A-Thon founders, Terry Wittorp and Tim Scott, for being one of those huge forces behind the TMP lines, as they chose TMP to be the recipient of this year’s Tie-A-Thon! Throughout the last year, Terry and Tim rallied their tying troops not only across the country, but around the globe to tie flies for our TMP kids! The donation of ​33,000 flies will help us serve over 400 kids in this season and many more in the coming seasons across the country! When you think of how many hands were used to tie this many flies and how many hours were spent at the vice, you can’t help but see the phrase above come to life–that many hands do indeed make a huge impact. We wish all of you who tied flies all through the long winter months, and showed up in your fly fishing clubs, could see the look on our kid’s faces this year as they get to smile because of YOUR dedication and support! 

If you have not heard about the Tie-A-Thon, please check them out here, And if you would like to join in their efforts, or tell them thank you for being such an important part of all of the nonprofit’s they support, please contact Tim or Terry here,!

Again, THANK YOU, to all of you who tied all last winter to support TMP! We could not do this without your hard work and support!!!!


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