During our recent project in Silver Spring, Maryland, biologist, Katie Bartling, was teaching our mentees about the importance of keeping our waters clean by using a watershed model. It’s essential for our mentees to not only learn about conservation, but to actively participate in cleaning up our watersheds and taking care of the fish we catch. Katie does a great job, not only helping her local project, but assisting TMP National with our Conservation Initiative!

Katie said, “I’m spraying the model with water to show surface runoff. We talked about how we all live in a watershed and why it’s important to take care of our streams. We also discussed how riparian buffers capture and absorb rainwater and protect streams, lakes and rivers from fertilizers and roadway runoff.”

We have added conservation mentors to our teams now and are always intrigued with the many unique ways our mentors introduce conservation and make learning a blast for our mentees! Great job, Katie and to our Lead Mentor, Marc Hutzel, for making this year so fun!

To find out more about our Maryland Project, or support their efforts, join us here: https://themayflyproject.com/silver-spring-maryland-project/

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