This summer, we have been THRILLED to partner with YETI on an important mission–to kick plastic water bottles from our projects. YETI has donated hundreds of water bottles with our logo etched on them, for our kids across the country to not only re-use during our projects, but to keep! We also want to thank the Cargill Corporation for their $10,000 grant to support our project’s conservation initiative this year!

As we continue to grow, serving in 63 locations this season, we have unique opportunities to not only bring the healing sport of fly fishing to kids who need it most, but to also encourage them to be conservation-minded. Each of our projects has a Conservation Mentor, in charge of teaching our 3 C’s: Clean Waters, Catch and Release, and Contamination. By adding these re-usable water bottles to our projects, we are not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.

With 315 TMP outings this year, we estimate we have kept 7,500 water bottles from landfills by providing quality re-usable water bottles. Huge thank you to YETI and Cargill for caring about our kids and caring about kicking plastic!!! The picture above is from our Texarkana, Arkansas Project, by Kim Bearden! We have several pictures of kids smiling with their water bottles, across the country!!


Thank you, YETI!

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