Fly Fishing gets children outdoors, teaches them a skill they can use for a lifetime, and fosters their self esteem all while giving them a community (fly fishing family) they can be a part of.

Kiki Gavin, Mentor

Manassas, Virginia Project

Fredericksburg, Virginia Project

Lead Mentor: Scott Sevigny

Project location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Year project founded: 2022

Mentors on this team: 10

Children mentored to date: 10

Children to be mentored in 2024: 10

Local foster care partners: DSS

Local companies and partners that support this project: Currently look for sponsors!

Contact Lead Mentor: Scott Sevigny,

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Fredericksburg, Virginia Project

Taking time to teach a foster Child fly fishing can be rewarding, as it can change their outlook on life; fly fishing can give them a time to heal from the past.  

Scott Sevigny

Lead Mentor, Fredericksburg, Virginia Project

Project Mentors


Fredericksburg, Virginia

I’m Scott Sevigny a Veteran of the Army and Air Force and a foster parent as well. I have found the love for fly fishing over 2 years ago with project healing waters and In the past two years my loving wife and I have adopted two wonderful kids and got to go explore Alaska with them. I have been blessed to fly fished in Montana and most recently Belize these past two years.


Vienna, Virginia

Jeff Mangeno is a native of McLean VA where he is a criminal defense attorney and avid fisherman on the weekends.
Jeff is an active member of northern va trout unlimited. He began fly fishing in 2017 and caught his first rainbow trout with TMP Founder, Jess Westbrook.
After that, he was “hooked” on fly fishing.  He can be found most weekends fishing for brookies and rainbows in the Shenandoah national park and local rivers with his two teenage boys, friends, German short haired pointer Maggie and standard poodles Harold and Stanley.

“They say you forget your days worries on a trout steam, but that’s not quit it. What happens is that you begin to see where your troubles fit into the grand scheme of things, and suddenly they become more manageable”

Jeff is very excited to share his passion for fly fishing and the outdoors through the Mayfly Project.


Fredericksburg, Virginia

A native of Norfolk Virginia, Michael grew up fishing in the Chesapeake Bay. After Highs school Michael entered the US Air Force. finally returning to Virginia to Follow his family Trade of Plumbing. He settled down in Fredericksburg Virginia. Here he discovered Fly fishing along the banks of the Rappahannock River. Michael Is a life member of trout Unlimited and Is a member of Fly Fishers International. He is a graduate of Leadership Fredericksburg and is a successful Business manager. Michael Fishes in The Shenandoah national park and the blue ridge mountains where he finds peace and balance. Michael Is a grandfather to Three Wonderful Girls and 3 Boys all of whom fish.

Jeff is very excited to share his passion for fly fishing and the outdoors through the Mayfly Project.


Fredericksburg, Virginia

A retired Army officer, Lars has lived and worked in numerous locations around the world and across the U.S. He settled in Fredericksburg, Virginia – his wife’s home town – after retiring from the Army and became devoted to fly fishing there. Besides fishing the local waters, he travels to the Mountain West several times a year to hike, camp, and fish in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. His philosophy on fly fishing is simple: It’s not about the fish, it’s all about the adventure. He looks forward to sharing the adventure of fly fishing as a Fredericksburg Project Mayfly mentor.


Fredericksburg, VA

Father and husband.
Had the best father growing up, and he did and still does the best he can for his family.All I can hope for, is that I can just help or be there for someone who needs a hand shake or just great encouragement.
If they learn to fly fish from us, then awesome, but they can just be a kid, is what matters the most.


Arlington, VA

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Ben developed a passion for fly fishing from his dad during annual camping and fishing trips to Poe Paddy State Park—a tradition that still lives on. His college days were marked by baseball, where he honed his skills on the field. Post-graduation, Ben ventured to Arlington, Virginia, diving into the world of cybersecurity.
Outside the digital realm, Ben found joy in coaching travel baseball over the past few summers. Balancing work and his personal life, he indulges in hiking, hunting, skiing, and scuba diving whenever he can break away. Now, he is thrilled to embark on a new adventure as a mentor for the Mayfly Project in Fredericksburg, VA—eager to share his love for the outdoors with the next generation


Stafford, VA

When I was nine years old, the doctors diagnosed me with a benign brain tumor. After the tumor was removed, I started having seizures. I started getting angry and wondered why this was happening to me. One day, my father took me up into the mountains and showed me something that truly changed my life, fly fishing. Fly fishing gave me an outlet whenever I was feeling down. Now, I’ve been blessed with three children and a wonderful wife who also enjoys the water like I do. But, it was the day my Dad took me into the Blue Ridge that I decided that fly fishing is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Not just for the fish but because of how much it helped me and I want that opportunity for others.

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Fredericksburg, Virginia Project

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