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The Mayfly Project

Frankenmuth, Michigan Project

Project Lead Mentor: Spencer Smith

Project location: Frankenmuth, Michigan 

Year project founded: 2021

Mentors on this team: 5, currently adding mentors to the team.

Children mentored to date: 0

Children to be mentored in 2021: 4-6

Local foster care partners: Currently networking to find participants. 

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for local partners and community support.

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Frankenmuth, Michigan Project

I believe that the vision of TMP is unlike any other and can not only make a direct impact in young lives, but bring a greater movement of care and love for foster- children.
Blessings and Tight Lines!

Spencer Smith

Lead Mentor, Frankenmuth, Michigan Project

Project Mentors


Frankenmuth, Michigan

My name is Spencer Smith and I live and fish in the beautiful state of Pure Michigan! I have been fly-fishing since I was 14 and working with children as a Student Pastor for 15 years!
Niel Postman once said, “Children are the messages we send to the unknown future.” I have dedicated my life to sending a message of love and hope to the generations that we will never meet; I am excited to partner with TMP to help achieve this calling. I have worked with vulnerable children in Chicago, the Middle East, and Honduras as a full-time missionary. I believe that the vision of TMP is unlike any other and can not only make a direct impact in young lives, but bring a greater movement of care and love for foster- children.


Birch Run, Michigan

Like many kids, Tom was introduced to fishing by his dad. They enjoyed the occasional outing in their small rowboat targeting bluegill during the summer months in Michigan and even managed a few days of ice fishing during the winter months.
Also like many kids, Tom allowed his love for fishing to be overshadowed by the demands of work life as he entered adulthood.
In 2009, Tom fell in love with fishing all over again when a friend introduced him to fly fishing. Since then, Tom has introduced his son to fly fishing as well as fly tying, and they enjoy making memories together on their local rivers and lakes.


Auburn Hills, Michigan

26 year old from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Josh grew up fishing with a conventional rod and made the switch to fly fishing full time in high school. The Au Sable River about three hours north of him is his favorite water, but him and his dad have really made a push at mastering lake fishing with a fly rod. Josh has taken his fly rod all over the world with him and is excited to share the same passion for fly fishing with the children at the Frankenmuth chapter of the Mayfly Project!


Oxford, Michigan

A true product of the salt, Ryan grew up with a deep passion for everything water, especially fly-fishing. After being gifted his first fly rod from his mother, at the ripe old age of age of twelve, he could often be found running about the costal South Carolina estuaries. He is now teaching his children on that same rod. Ryan now resides in Michigan with his fly fishy family. He lives to teach them and appreciates the ability to toss the next fly to a famished brown behemoth in the North country. He takes full advantage of all the great gifts God has to offer. Ryan is stoked about the opportunity to work with The Mayfly Project and most looking forward to impacting the lives of children, through his life-long passion of fly-fishing.


Oxford, Michigan

A Michigan native, South Carolina transplant-of 17 years, returned to her northern roots so she and her Fishy husband could raise their 3 children near family. Nicki grew up on the water, from 6 weeks old, she was napping in the bow of racing sailboats with her parents. She did not discover her love of fishing until meeting her husband Ryan, 16 years ago. He introduced her to one the finest blessings in life, fly-fishing. She looks forward to being able to mesh her passions for teaching children, being on the water and fly-fishing while working with The Mayfly Project!

News & Events

2019 TMP Impact Results!

2019 TMP Impact Results!

  2019 was an extraordinary year for The Mayfly Project! With the help of all of our lead mentors, mentors, partners, sponsors, and donors, we have impacted the lives of over 250 children in foster care this year! Beyond the list of statistics below, we wish you...

TMP Mentee Curriculum

TMP Mentee Curriculum

We are very excited to unveil yet another new program for our kids, the TMP Mentee Curriculum.  This curriculum details all parts of our program, teaches our mentees all about fly fishing and conservation. It has a unique section that directs the children in our...

TMP Activity Reward Buttons

TMP Activity Reward Buttons

The Mayfly Project has developed a reward system where our kids can earn buttons by completing tasks throughout the project.  Kids can also proudly display these buttons on their drawstring backpacks to show their achievements and progression through the project....

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Frankenmuth, Michigan Project

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