What’s better than a fly fishing tournament to support TMP in Fayetteville?!

What: First Annual Kings River Smallmouth Shootout, sponsored by Mclellan’s!

Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023

Time: TBD, around 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Location: Kings River Outfitters in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Registration Cost: $100/team, or $50/person (team entry recommended)

Gear: Participants will need to provide their own gear/boat. Canoes can be rented through Kings River Outfitters.

Additional Details: There will be 2 “Brackets”. One-Fly (primary tournament): Everyone begins their day in the one-fly bracket. When an angler loses their fly, they can no longer count fish length towards their one-fly score. Consolation Bracket: Upon losing their chosen one-fly, an angler may use any fly they have. At this point the teams one-fly score is final. The team will then begin a new score for the consolation bracket. Score is an aggregate of the length of the top 4 fish for the team E.g. if the boats biggest 4 fish are 16, 15, 14.5, and 14 inches, the team score is 59.5. Fish will need to be photographed in the water, with clear photo of measurement (your fishing partner will probably have to take the picture for you)

Top Teams in each brackets will win amazing prizes!

Sign-Up Instructions: Click the link below and donate $100 for a team or $50 for one competitor. In the notes section, include the names of all participants being paid for and a team name for the tournament. Please do not sign up multiple times for one team. Once you’re registered, we’ll keep in touch and update you on any upcoming tournament news!

Join the Kings River Smallmouth Shootout Tournament Here!


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