The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges globally, for our country and for our TMP and foster care communities. We are a nonprofit that values action, and we have been passionately working non-stop to continue to support the most vulnerable in our society….foster children, who need us now more than ever!

This is how TMP is helping to mitigate the impact of the pandemic and help those dealing with its challenges within our TMP community (funds raised from this fundraiser will directly impact these three operations):

  1.  Support our foster children with the coping technique of tying flies, art, and education. We’re sending tying kits and activity kits to any foster family/group home that wants to learn. We will serve at least 100 children in foster care with the art of tying during this pandemic.
  1. Purchase guide trips from our mentors that are guides, for our foster children to have amazing guide trips to look forward to. We have been able to purchase 11 trips of 100. This provides guide financial relief and assures us our children will be a priority this summer when the time is right to get out!
  1. Sponsor foster children to participate in TMP. We want to serve as many children as possible this year after the bans have been lifted. Since our main fundraisers have been cancelled, we need your help to still sponsor 50 children to receive fly fishing gear, mentorship, and amazing outdoor experiences.

As founders of TMP, we are constantly taking this pandemic to heart, looking to our partners, foundations, volunteers and others to serve together in many ways to increase our impact even further, because The Mayfly Project is needed even more now.

Thank you for continuing to join us and please consider donating and sharing our mission today!

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