From our Seattle Project Lead Mentor, Eileen Petralia:


“During one of our project years, in the late planning stages, I learned that all of our mentees that registered would all be native Spanish speakers. As myself and some of the mentors had friends in the interpreting business, we felt we could manage to communicate well enough and decided to take on the challenge. The kids participating were also a bit older than in previous years which made us feel that they may know a little bit of English and we could make it work. I emailed all of the foster parents in English and Spanish one week prior to each outing date and again 2 days before. The interpreters were amazing and did a ton of leg work to get things moving along–pretty phenomenal individuals.

Even though it took extra work to plan outings, communicate locations, and to have our interpreters follow us all around, we were thrilled with the outcome–all of the kids that participated caught fish, and they all seemed to really enjoy their time fishing with our mentors. One of the biggest barriers was not having the curriculum in Spanish, as the mentees had to try to remember what we were telling them, rather than being able to refer to it all. Seeing this huge need for our curriculum to be translated to Spanish, so that we could reach more kids across the nation, seemed like the next important step for TMP.”

After looking around the fly fishing world, we quickly realized there are not many opportunities in the USA for Spanish-speaking-only communities to learn about fly fishing on their own, or to have a curriculum to reference. We are thrilled to announce that we now have this Spanish curriculum in our program so that we can provide a more inclusive, well-rounded, opportunity to as many kids as possible in The Mayfly Project!!

Huge thank you to Eileen Petralia for funding this project, Niki Cousins for re-designing our curriculum, and Trevor Allred for translating for us! Contact us if you would like to hear more about our TMP Spanish Curriculum!

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