The Mayfly Project’s Conservation Initiative

We are proud to announce The Mayfly Project’s new Conservation Initiative–we believe children in foster care need rivers and our rivers need a generation of conservationists. The Conservation Initiative is designed to provide an opportunity for our youth to be involved in caring for the river ecosystems they are privileged to enjoy, which creates a cycle of healing in not only the youth participating, but in the rivers we cherish.

Why is teaching conservation to youth in foster care important?  The children we mentor are dealing with the results of a broken childhood. By providing time for these children to use their own hands to help heal a river system or to take care of a trout they catch, is instilling in them a cycle of something positive–they get to feel good about having a hand in making the world a better place.

What is The Conservation Initiative?

We have added a designated Conservation Mentor for each of our projects to educate the children on how to care for their environment and for the fish they get to experience. The Conservation Mentor will teach these practices:

  • Catch and Release – Mentees are taught proper fish handling techniques and are educated on the value behind the practice of catch and release.
  • Clean Rivers – Mentees will learn how to  leave the river better than they found it by picking up garbage and recycling the trash we find. TMP is Teaming up with Fishpond to provide all mentees with micro trash bins to keep our trash contained.
  • Contamination – Scientists believe that aquatic invasive species are one of the greatest threats to America’s trout and salmon. We educate mentees about this expanding threat and develop appropriate “gear-hygiene” so that we do not contribute to the problem by providing wader and boot washing stations at every project.

Join our efforts in taking care of children in foster care and taking care of our environment through our Conservation Initiative! All donations and funds from the conservation shirts purchased goes towards supporting this cause!

“Together in the water there is sweetness, hope, fearlessness, confidence, beauty, serenity, community, joy, poetry, opportunity, movement, patience, empathy, mystery, independence, and a new memory waiting. This is the opposite of the dry neglect, abuse, and decline of the past”. Dr. Wallace Nichols

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