The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

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The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

Dear TMP Friends and Partners, 

Last year we rolled out our new curriculum with the help of our fly fishing family and TMP partners!

The impact of this curriculum has surpassed our expectations--the foster children we work with are able to use the curriculum with their mentors and then keep it to continue to learn about fly fishing and practice all they learned during the project. 

Beyond fly fishing, the curriculum is a tool we use to teach about the mental health benefits of time outdoors and about our conservation initiative. We know this is one of the tools that will create a long-lasting impact in the lives of children in foster care many years after their project has ended.

This year, we are adding 6 new project locations to our list and have added a specialized section in our curriculum that teaches our mentees about saltwater fishing and how to tie a Clouser Minnow. 

Our goal this year is to raise $3,000 to assist in printing costs, to keep our cost per child at the same rate, and to be able to provide this curriculum to a minimum of 300 children in foster care this year. 

Would you consider a donation to help us to update and print this curriculum this year?

  • If you, or your company, donates over $100, we would like to put your name on the back of this curriculum to thank you for your support!
  • For donations over $250, we will add the company logo on the back page.
  • The deadline for adding names or logos is March 31st.
  • Please email your name and/or logo to Jess Westbrook at 

Thank you for partnering with us to change lives and hold space for youth in foster care! Contact us for more questions here!


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