If we were able to not only get these kids to fall in love with the sport, but to find those relationships with others through the sport, we would have accomplished an incredible thing. Relationships are one of the keys to success in life, for them to learn this skill through fly fishing that would be highest of achievements 

Brian Clark


St. Petersburg, Florida Project

Lead Mentor: Scott Russell

Project location: St. Petersburg, Florida

Year project founded: 2019

Mentors on this team: 9 (Currently accepting mentor applications)

Children mentored to date: 12

Children to be mentored in 2023: 8 

Local foster care partners: Salvation Army (Multiple group homes)

Local companies that support this project: Greys, IGFA, Cortland, and Andy Mill.


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St. Petersburg, Florida Project

So…being a mentor with TMP allows a fly fishing geek like me to both spend time talking about a sport I love and teach foster children a great way to just relax and take a break from their daily struggles?  Sign me up!

Scott Russell

Lead Mentor, St. Petersburg, Florida Project

Project Mentors


Treasure Island, Florida

Scott was raised in the Tampa Bay area and whether he was windsurfing, boating, wakeboarding, or fishing, you would probably find him on the water somewhere during his free time. Although he loves all types of fishing, fly fishing is his passion/obsession. When not running his financial business or on the water, he enjoys volunteering at his church and in his community, including serving as a small group youth leader. Scott and his family are very familiar with the struggles many foster kids face. The Mayfly Project has provided him the perfect opportunity to combine his desire to help foster youth with his passion for fly fishing.


Treasure Island, Florida

Christie was raised in the Tampa Bay area and has never found a reason to leave, especially since she thinks anything north of Florida is just too cold. When not managing IT departments and projects, she loves the outdoors and in particular, boating. She can often be found with her daughter sunning on the bow of their boat while her husband and son are casting off the stern. Although fishing isn’t her thing, helping others, particularly children, is. The Mayfly Project allows her to use her organizational skills to help plan the outings and to make sure they keep the most important thing in mind, having fun!


St. Petersburg, Florida

Tim was born and raised in Denver, CO. He started fly fishing with his brother for trout in the Rockies. In 2018 Tim and his wife moved to St. Petersburg, where he now fly fishes for all kinds of salty and freshwater species. You can usually find him fishing for snook, bass, and tarpon all over town in ditches and ponds. Tim is an avid member of Suncoast Fly Fishers, and currently writes articles for their newsletter and is their web designer. Having grown up in a large family, Tim loves working with children from all kinds of backgrounds.


Tierra Verde, Florida

About 15 years past, Dennis was introduced to saltwater fly fishing by a fishing guide in the coastal waters of New Jersey, where he fished for stripers, bluefish, and weakfish. Now retired in the St Petersburg, Florida area, he fishes for a variety of species like speckled trout, redfish and snook. Boat fishing, wade fishing or kayak fishing – it doesn’t matter, he enjoys it all. Dennis has always been involved in mentoring youth, while living in PA on his farm, he helped lead a 4H Sheep Club, in which he taught kids 8-18 how to raise and show sheep, while working on the good values of head, hearts, hands and health. Dennis decided to extend his mentoring of youth into his retirement by connecting them with his passion for fly fishing.


Tampa, Florida

I am an engineer that loves fly fishing and have fished for many years. I tie my own flies and believe there is no better fishing experience than catching a fish on your own creation. I was so excited to share my knowledge with foster kids with the hope that they would also experience the same peace and satisfaction of fly fishing.

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Clabough Foundation Support, Bend, Oregon!

Clabough Foundation Support, Bend, Oregon!

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First Annual, Kings River Smallmouth Shootout!

First Annual, Kings River Smallmouth Shootout!

What's better than a fly fishing tournament to support TMP in Fayetteville?! What: First Annual Kings River Smallmouth Shootout, sponsored by Mclellan’s! Date: Saturday, June 24, 2023 Time: TBD, around 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM Location: Kings River Outfitters in Eureka...

Thank You to our DUN Sponsors!

Thank You to our DUN Sponsors!

Thank you to our Dun Sponsors for supporting TMP in 2022!   Our Dun sponsors were a huge support for our 2022 projects! Huge thanks to Cortland, Loon Outdoors, Orvis, and Bass Pro for donating gear, providing a huge discount for our projects or giving monetarily....

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St. Petersburg, Florida Project

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