I believe being outdoors and fly fishing would be a great outlet for children in Foster Care, whether to just let out some stress, or focus on something positive.

Kaileigh Cera, Co-Lead Mentor

Santa Fe, New Mexico Project

Santa Fe, New Mexico Project

Lead Mentor: Brandon Cera and Kaileigh Cera

Project location: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Year project founded: 2020

Mentors on this team: 6

Children to be mentored in 2021: 6-8

Local foster care partners: New Mexico Children Youth & Families Department (2020)

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for local partners and support.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico Project

“These projects are a great way to embrace nature and be yourself.  They give the children a chance to create a passion for fly fishing as well as new experiences and friendships.”

Brandon Cera

Lead Mentor, Santa Fe, New Mexico Project

Project Mentors


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Born and raised outside of Dayton, Ohio, Brandon Cera attended Ohio State University and obtained both a bachelor’s degree in biology and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. It was there that he also met and married his wife, Kaileigh, who is a health care provider in Santa Fe as well.  Brandon Cera and his wife are avid hikers, campers, skiers, fishermen and more, which means that you will often find them out and about with their dogs, enjoying the beautiful geography that Santa Fe has to offer. 


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Originally from San Diego, California, Trisha learned the art of saltwater fishing off the piers at the beach. Summers were spent in northern New Mexico in a small town called Mora where her dad showed her how to fish small mountain streams using spinners, bait, and the old-school way of hand-fishing under the banks. Trisha has lived in New Mexico now for over 36 years and works as a special education teacher for Albuquerque Public Schools for 16 years. Trisha has been fly fishing for 20+ years and has always had a passion for working with young adults. This opportunity to pair with the Mayfly Project is just another way she can share her knowledge for fly fishing and her joy for creating meaningful experiences for youth.

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Our 2020 Impact!!

Our 2020 Impact!!

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Giving Tuesday Success, 2020!

Thank You!!! Together, WE DID IT! We hit our goal on Tuesday! For our National Project online, we raised $14,000! For our individual project fundraisers we hit over $20,000!!!! This year, many of our lead mentors, mentors, and friends, all did Facebook fundraisers to...

Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

“There was so much going on in my life that was out of my control, so I gravitated to the outdoors to find control. It became a place where I could go to find some peace and away from life’s confusion and uncertainties [from life in foster care],” Jackie Prock said....

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Santa Fe, New Mexico Project

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