Fly fishing today was the most fun I’ve ever had!


The Mayfly Project

Portland, Oregon Project

Project Lead Mentor: Kayla Lockhart

Project location: Portland, Oregon

Year project founded: 2021

Mentors on this team: 10

Children mentored to date: 0

Children to be mentored in 2021: 6-8

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for local foster care connections and programs.

Local companies or programs that support this project: Tualatin Valley Trout Unlimited Chapter (West Portland)

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Portland, Oregon Project

Fly fishing is my therapy and as someone that grew up in part of the foster care system, I know these kids need fly fishing too!

Kayla Lockhart

Lead Mentor, Portland, Oregon Project

Project Mentors


Portland, Oregon

Born and raised in the mountains of Utah, Ross started fly fishing as a teenager and quickly fell in love with the sport as a way to explore new places, learn about ecosystems and practice conservation. In 2018, Ross moved to Portland, Oregon, and soon discovered the diversity of fly fishing opportunities available year round and close to the city. Equally happy chasing pan fish on a summer afternoon, playing in the waves looking for surf perch or standing in a cold run for winter steelhead, Ross sees himself as an equal opportunity angler. Every environment has its secret to teach and treasure to discover. He is incredibly excited to share this passion with The Mayfly Project.


Portland, Oregon

Originally from a small seaside town outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Taryn left home at 18 to pursue life out West. She began fly fishing in 2013 when she lived in Wyoming and felt an immense connection to the waters and beauty of the sport, offering a new perspective on life and healing. Now living in Portland, Oregon, Taryn works in human services serving individuals in need of behavioral and mental health supports. In her free time, she is most likely fly fishing, and enjoys traveling anywhere that offers new land and water. Taryn is excited about her new role as a mentor and hopes to combine her passion for fishing with the impact it made on her life to help Mayfly children forge their own path towards personal growth.


Portland, Oregon

A Pennsylvania native, David fished the smalls streams of Eastern PA with his brother and father growing up. After college in NYC, David moved to the West Coast for 3 years before making the trek back east in 2021. After switching over to fly fishing in college David has never looked back. He is excited to start working with the Mayfly project and getting people outdoors.


Portland, Oregon

Maryland raised and now living in Oregon, Owen finds common ground wherever he ends up. A city kid with a rural heart he sees peace in nature and beauty within cityscapes. Owen only discovered fly fishing a few years ago. What started as an interest grew into an obsession once he landed his first fish. Whether on the water, tying flies, or building bamboo rods he loves it all. Owen looks forward to sharing his passion and providing an amazing experience for the kids he works with.

News & Events

From Foster Care to Fly Fishing, Meet Mentor, Breezy Johnston

From Foster Care to Fly Fishing, Meet Mentor, Breezy Johnston

Breezy Johnston, mentor for Pikes Peak, CO project, talks about life in foster care and how fly fishing has become her home-base. We are thrilled to have Breezy joining our team and are so thankful for her willingness to share. We are inspired by folks who have been through the trenches and have found their niche in the world!

TMP’s COVID-19 Response and Fundraiser

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges globally, for our country and for our TMP and foster care communities. We are a nonprofit that values action, and we have been passionately working non-stop to continue to support the most vulnerable in our...

The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

Last year we rolled out our new curriculum with the help of our fly fishing family and TMP partners! The impact of this curriculum has surpassed our expectations--the foster children we work with are able to use the curriculum with their mentors and then keep it to...

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Portland, Oregon Project

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