Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for spending the day building relationships with our kids! It was so wonderful for them to get to learn and decompress for a little bit!! We appreciate you and your team so much!

Arkansas Department of Children and Family Services

Little Rock, Arkansas, Second Chance Ranch Project

Lead Mentor: Jess Westbrook 

Project location: Bryant, Arkansas 

Year project founded: 2016

Mentors on this team: 15

Children mentored to date: 117

Children to be mentored in 2020: 30

Local foster care partners: Second Chance Ranch, Project Zero, Department of Children and Family Services

Local companies that support this project: J.A. Riggs, B.R. McGinty, Riggs Outdoor, River Valley Horticulture, Krystina Bullard Photography

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Little Rock, Arkansas, Second Chance Ranch Project

For foster children, it does not matter how old you are, where you live or what you parents did that required the state to remove you from your home – chaos is all around you. Even when things appear to be ok – there are still questions, there is still abandonment, there is still hurt. With chaos comes hope and with hope comes longing. Longing for friends, Longing for family, Longing for someone to care. The Mayfly Project meets foster children where they are at – does not judge, does not discriminate, does not ask questions. When you get a foster child in the middle of a river fly fishing some pretty special things happen!

Jess Westbrook

Lead Mentor, Little Rock, Arkansas, Second Chance Ranch Project

Project Mentors


Benton, Arkansas

The Mayfly Project was founded in 2015 by Jess. Jess is a life-long outdoorsman and avid fly fisherman. In 2008, Jess had the opportunity to work as a fishing guide in Alaska. While away from his family and everything he knew he realized how important time in on the river was to him, and how it could always be his home away from home. Later, after graduating college, he travel across the country with work. Again, even when he was away from home, he always felt comforted and “at home” if he had his fly rod with him.

Laura Westbrook

Benton, Arkansas

Laura has been fly fishing for over 12 years. With a lifetime goal to catch a fish on a fly rod in every state she has knocked 11 states off the list. Laura’s favorite way to chase trout is throwing gnarly streamers for big browns!


Benton, Arkansas


Benton, Arkansas

Mike is a huge asset to foundation of TMP. Mike has over 30 years of fly fishing experience. He is an expert on swinging and tying soft hackles. Though most of his fishing is done on small streams his favorite fish to chase with a fly rod is Coho Salmon.


Little Rock, Arkansas

An Arkansas native and have been fishing from a very young age. I myself was in the foster system here in Arkansas so I can relate with the children we mentor. My hobbies are anything outdoors hiking, camping both tents and hammocks, fishing, hunting and many other things. Trout fishing is what I have been doing the most lately. It is incredible to be able to help give kids the opportunity to learn the love of being out in nature in the beautiful state of Arkansas.


Forrest City, Arkansas 

Born and raised in the Arkansas delta, Cody grew up fishing the many waterways the delta had to offer including the Mississippi, White, & St. Francis Rivers. Being raised on a farm, Cody has become a passionate outdoorsman and conservationist. Now an agronomist & youth educator for the U of A Extension Service he tries to instill his passion for the outdoors into today’s youth. In Cody’s free time he is chasing big browns on the Little Red River with his wife Megan and two labs Moose and Waylon or tying flies for fisherman all over the country. In 2018 Cody started Fin and Feather Flies and enjoys teaching other how to tie and fly fish.


Little Rock, Arkansas

Marshall was raised in the great state of Arkansas, growing up fishing with his Dad with traditional tackle (the Darkside) until discovering fly fishing in 2013 and with that fly tying and teaching others about the great sport. With a passion for everything outside, Marshall graduated with a degree in Outdoor Recreation and is a Recreational Therapist for the city of Little Rock working with persons with special needs which makes it an easy transition to caring and mentoring youth in foster care. He is married to his wonderful wife Lauren and they have a daughter named Gwyneth.


Little Rock, Arkansas

I’m Jarrod and I’m an Arkansas native. I became obsessed with fly fishing and tying almost 20yrs ago at the prime age of 10. I still to this day fish a rod I built when I was an early teen that we call the green monster 😉
… (the name is appropriate) …
We spend almost all of our free time chasing trout on the various tailwaters here in AR and MO.

I’m super excited to be a part of TMP and share a passion that’s been so influential in my life with all of The Mayfly Project family!! I very much look forward to seeing young smiles light up the river as kids are making memories they will never forget.

News & Events

Giving Tuesday Success, 2020!

Thank You!!! Together, WE DID IT! We hit our goal on Tuesday! For our National Project online, we raised $14,000! For our individual project fundraisers we hit over $20,000!!!! This year, many of our lead mentors, mentors, and friends, all did Facebook fundraisers to...

Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

“There was so much going on in my life that was out of my control, so I gravitated to the outdoors to find control. It became a place where I could go to find some peace and away from life’s confusion and uncertainties [from life in foster care],” Jackie Prock said....

From Foster Care to Fly Fishing, Meet Mentor, Breezy Johnston

From Foster Care to Fly Fishing, Meet Mentor, Breezy Johnston

Breezy Johnston, mentor for Pikes Peak, CO project, talks about life in foster care and how fly fishing has become her home-base. We are thrilled to have Breezy joining our team and are so thankful for her willingness to share. We are inspired by folks who have been through the trenches and have found their niche in the world!

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Little Rock, Arkansas, Second Chance Ranch Project

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