Fly fishing is so much fun!! Thank you for teaching me!

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Kimberling City, Missouri Project

Lead Mentor: Jerry Harman

Project Location: Kimberling City, Missouri

Year project founded: 2024

Mentors on this team: Currently recruiting mentors!

Children to be mentored in 2024: 6

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for local foster care partners. Please connect with us if you have a child in your care that would like to participate!

Local partners and companies that support this project: Currently looking for community support!

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Kimberling City, Missouri Project

The children we mentor will have the opportunity to learn fly fishing and enjoy some amazing scenery…because everyone knows, trout live in beautiful places!
Jerry Harman

Lead Mentor, Kimberling City, Missouri Project

Project Mentors


Kimberling City, Missouri

Jerry lives on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Jerry’s fishing education started in his youth when his older brother taught him to fish for largemouth bass and catfish. At age 20, his wife’s grandfather taught him how to fly fish. From that day forward, fly fishing became his passion. Jerry spent 12 years teaching youth fishing for the Missouri Department of Conservation in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 2018, he has been a fishing guide at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. In his spare time, Jerry enjoys tying his own flies, kayak fishing, and fishing the clear waters of Lake Taneycomo and Crane Creek. Jerry carries his passion for fishing into his job as the Program Director for H2Ozarks, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting waterways in Missouri and Arkansas.


Kimberling City, Missouri

 A lifelong resident of Missouri, Lynne was born with teaching and fishing in her veins. She learned to fish from her grandfather, a college professor, at Table Rock Lake; catching blue gill was the goal–as long as she put the worm on AND took the fish off the hook. While she learned to appreciate the art of fly fishing from “Fishin’ Rod” (and her grandmother “Virginia Reel”), she preferred to follow in his education footsteps and taught public school K-12 for 30 years in a suburb of St. Louis; she was also an Associate Professor at College of the Ozarks for 4 years. Her husband, however, is an avid fly fisherman, an MFP Lead Mentor, and fishing guide at Dogwood Canyon. She is happy to support him in this very worthy passion project.


Kimberling City, Missouri

Avid outdoorsman, that enjoys all sports and outdoor activities. I started fly fishing when I was 16 after being introduced to it by my future father-in-law. I have helped with other youth groups, been a scout leader, and am excited about the opportunity to teach/introduce kids to this thrilling, life long sport of fly fishing


Wildwood, Missouri

I had the opportunity to go fly fishing for the first time about 30 years ago on the Little Red in Ar. I knew then it would be something I would enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Although I didn’t really get to go very much for many years it never lost its appeal. Now that I am able to go much more frequently my passion has only grown. I mostly fish in and around Missouri and primarily for trout. The scenery never gets old no matter where I am fishing; the tug, or slurp is just as exciting as it was 30 years ago. Having an opportunity to give back via the Mayfly project and see the excitement on a child’s face will only make the time spent fly fishing that much more enjoyable!


Springfield, Missouri

Vince has spent his entire life on the water, catching fish from British Columbia to the Florida Keys. A Missouri resident since 1997, Vince has explored much of Southwest Missouri’s wild areas, camping, hunting, boating, and fishing.
In his current role as Operations Manager at Fellows Lake, he spends his days helping anglers, sailors and families enjoy the water and wilderness.
Previously, he has worked as a carpenter, ski patroller, firefighter, and climbing instructor.
Vince and his wife Amy live in Springfield, Missouri where they tend to an extensive garden while raising six chickens and a monkey.


Kimberling City, Missouri

I grew up in California and started fishing for trout in lakes and streams in the Sierra Nevada mountains with my father. As I grew older I started fly fishing in those same steams. I moved to Missouri back in 1988 and have been fly fishing out here for trout and also some warm water species, such as white bass, largemouth bass. I really enjoy teaching people how to fly fish and showing them how fun it is, and all that it has to offer. Really looking forward to getting started with the Kimberling City Mayfly Project


Salem, Missouri

I grew up in southwest MO, loving the outdoors (especially Ozark streams and Table Rock Lake!). I first wanted to become a wildlife biologist and I earned a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife from the University of Missouri. Later I decided to focus on interpreting science to citizens, especially young learners. I have worked for Missouri State Parks and National Parks as a resource interpreter, and I was a Middle School Science Teacher for 10 years. I’m now the Co-Director of the Missouri Environmental Education Association (MEEA). I love fly fishing not because of the fish, to be honest, but because of the macroinvertebrates! “Matching the hatch” is why I fish, and I love sharing that phenomenon with kids


Lampe, Missouri

Since retiring from a flying career I have found great satisfaction in helping others. My wife and I led a group of 44 people feeding 250 homeless veterans at the Veterans Restoration Quarters in Asheville, NC. I was also lucky enough to be a fly fishing guide for Project Healing Waters in Western North Carolina; a program that assists disabled veterans through fly fishing. I hope that working with my fellow mentors at The Mayfly Project in Kimberling City, MO, we will improve the lives of the foster children we encounter.


Paduch, Kentucky

 I started fishing when I was young with a Zebco rod and a can of worms while fishing local ponds. As I got older, I would fish rivers and ponds in Northern Missouri. I would get my little brother up early and take him with me and I taught him how to fish the rivers and ponds. We both got older, we did not get to fish much together. My brother learned to fly fish at an early age and when I was around 38 years old, he became my teacher. To this day, 31 years later, he is still teaching me and we enjoy fly fishing together often. I look forward to helping these kids learn how to fly fish and watching their faces when they land a fish. Also, teaching them how to take care of our streams and rivers.


Kimberling City, Missouri

I began fishing for trout about 20 years ago at Maramec Spring Park, first with a spinning rod and then transitioning to a fly rod. Fly fishing and fly tying have been my passion ever since. We moved to Branson 5 years ago and I regularly fish Lake Taneycomo where I have enjoyed helping many folks, including kids, catch some trout. My late father provided me with inspiration to volunteer, he worked with kids in the foster care system as a CASA advocate. I heard many stories and it gave him great satisfaction to make a difference. I look forward to helping the kids in Project Mayfly discover the joy of fly fishing and hopefully make a difference as well.

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Kimberling City, Missouri Project

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