“I can’t wait to show everyone the pictures of the fish I caught!” 

TMP Mentee

The Mayfly Project

Jonesboro, Arkansas Project

Project Lead Mentor: Justin Yancey

Co-Lead Mentor: Jason Macdonald

Project Location: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Year Project Founded: 2021

Mentors on this team: 8-10

Children mentored to date: Project kicking off 2022

Children to be mentored in 2022: 7-8

Local foster care partners: Currently networking for local partners.

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for community support and partnerships.

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For more questions about this project, contact Justin Yancey: justinyancey@yahoo.com

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Jonesboro, Arkansas Project

Our goal is to share our passion for fly fishing and conservation by instilling confidence and building relationships with kids involved in our project. The scenic streams are unforgettable and we feel every child deserves the opportunity to experience and appreciate the therapeutic benefits of our natural resources.

TMP Mentor

Jonesboro, Arkansas Project

Project Mentors


Jonesboro, Arkansas

I was born and raised in Arkansas. I have been fishing since I could hold a pole, but I was first introduced to fly fishing in 2017. I found out firsthand how relaxing, and simultaneously, invigorating fly fishing can be. It has brought me calm when I have needed it. I have been constantly shown kindness by the fly-fishing community. It is a community of support. I am a Pediatrician in Paragould Arkansas, and I know very well that children in the foster care system often are missing a community atmosphere. I am happy to be a mentor to these children and introduce them to this wonderful sport. I hope it provides them a hobby to enjoy and introduces them to lifelong friends.


Paragould, Arkansas

Jason MacDonald is a northeast Arkansas resident who has an amazing wife and two kids. I am extremely passionate about all things fly fishing. I enjoy teaching others about the intricate details of fly fishing and fly tying. Chasing all different species of fish on the fly rod has been an adventure. Watching my kids learn how to fly fish on the famous stream known as Dry Run Creek (I wish I could fish it) has been some of our best family memories. Helping children in foster care is something important to my wife and I and when I was introduced to the Mayfly project during Daly’s Streamer Love Fest in 2020, it was an easy decision to make on getting involved. What better way to help kids then teach them a lifelong skill!


Jonesboro, Arkansas

I originally grew up in Iowa until the age of 13. I moved to Mountain home and picked up a flyrod basically right when I got there. I grew up fishing dry run Creek and learning from people around me. I struggled at a young age with addiction and landed myself at John 316 when I was 24. Through going there I’ve developed a personal relationship with Jesus and have never been the same. I stayed on staff there for Three years, I met my wife there and we now live in Jonesboro. I am a welding during the week and a fly fisher on the weekends! Fly fishing is what I love to do and am grateful for the opportunity to help these kids learn!


Harrisburg, Arkansas

My father introduced me to Fly fishing when I was young child we were living in Miami, Florida. It wasn’t until I was around 40 years old, but I had the opportunity to go fly fishing for trout. This was my favorite as flyfishing for saltwater fish are larger and much more aggressive. One of the most enjoyable things about trout fishing is the location it’s always in someplace beautiful. I’ve been teaching fly fishing for over 20 years to both youth and adults, and I’ve been a certified casting instructor with Fly Fishers international for approximately 20 years. I’ve had the opportunity to teach casting in a variety of places from schools, major fly-fishing shows, and personal lessons in somebody’s backyard.

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We're excited to announce our annual Buy a Fly Event is now live! From September 29th to October 31st, purchase a fly/flies and you're entered to win awesome prizes! All proceeds go towards supporting The Mayfly Project's first year projects, which means more children...

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Lead Mentor Highlight, Fredericksburg, Virginia!

Lead Mentor Highlight, Fredericksburg, Virginia!

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