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The Mayfly Project

Idaho Falls, Idaho Project

Project Lead Mentor: Cody Nolan

Project location: Idaho Falls, Idaho

Year project founded: 2017

Mentors on this team: 4 (currently searching for more mentors)

Children mentored to date: 14 children

Children to be mentored in 2020: 10

Local foster care partners: Gustafson House

Local companies that support this project:  Idaho Fishing Outfitters, Three River Ranch, and Jimmy’s All Season Angler. Currently searching for local partners and community support for 2020.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho Project

Every child tied their own wooly bugger and then went and caught fish on the fly they tied! They all had a blast and it was a day to remember, for sure. The smile on a kids face at the end of a project makes it all worth it!

Cody Nolan

Lead Mentor, Idaho Falls, Idaho Project

Project Mentors


Idaho Falls, Idaho

An Idaho Native, Cody grew up fishing Eastern Idaho rivers and lakes with his grandpa. His passion for fishing and the outdoors began when he was 3 years old, went on a fishing trip with his family and pulled a brown out of the stream with his hands. After that he was hooked. He made the transition to fly fishing after moving back to Idaho from Florida and settling down in Shelley, ID. He has been fly fishing for 8 years now, and has always wanted to teach kids about fishing and conservation. He is looking forward to starting his journey as the lead mentor for Southern Idaho!


Idaho Falls, Idaho

I have been fishing all my life. My earliest memories fishing are with my grandmother on a small pond from a boat for blue-gills and with the old man across the street who taught me how to catch bass and catfish. I would get up in the morning and wait out in front of his house for him to say whether we were going or not. It wasn’t just the fishing but the time he and his wife shared with me. My life has been blessed with mentors who helped me become the person I am now, and I strive to project that same positive influence for others. For the last 20 years, I have been a high school science educator, focused on getting kids to feel confident and excited about science. Now I can share my passion for fishing with kids via the Mayfly Project. Life is good.


Idaho Falls, Idaho

Originally from Maine, Jaime started bass fishing with her step-father from an early age. After relocating to Idaho nearly a decade ago she has continued her passion for fishing, now as an avid fly fisherman and trout angler. As an Anthropologist her professional research focuses on subsistence use of salmon in the Alaska Peninsula; more specifically the integration of traditional indigenous knowledge and resource use in recreational fisheries management. Now, following the recent completion of her Master’s degree Jaime is looking for new ways to inspire others to get excited about fishing, the environment, and conservation. The Mayfly project presented itself as a fantastic opportunity to continue working with people and their interactions with fish in a setting that has potential to have a positive influence on kids – our next generation of fisheries stewards.

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The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

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2019 TMP Impact Results!

2019 TMP Impact Results!

  2019 was an extraordinary year for The Mayfly Project! With the help of all of our lead mentors, mentors, partners, sponsors, and donors, we have impacted the lives of over 250 children in foster care this year! Beyond the list of statistics below, we wish you...

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Idaho Falls, Idaho Project

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