Fly fishing today was the most fun I’ve ever had!


The Mayfly Project

Columbus, Ohio Project

Project Lead Mentor: Pam Allen

Project Co-Lead Mentor: Tyler Wright and Allan Zaenger

Project location: Columbus, OH

Year project founded: 2021, by Andy Scott

Mentors on this team: 20, currently adding mentors to the team for 2024

Children mentored to date: 12

Children to be mentored in 2024: 10

Local foster care partners: Various foster care agencies

Local companies that support this project: Nocterra Brewing, Public Lands, Frog Water Tree Farms, Cabela’s, Mama Mimis TakeNBake Pizza, Mad River Outfitters. Continuously searching for local partners and community support.

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Columbus, Ohio Project

I believe there is such value in getting kids outside. There is a healing power in being surrounded by creation. I’ve always thought that the word “recreation” gets cheapened a little if we only think of it as play. I think that being out on the water, feeling it run around you, and engaging with creation on a personal level can have an effect on our souls and can be used to truly “re-create” us. If we can use this tool to help some kids who are in a tough spot, sign me up!

Andy Scott

Former Lead Mentor, Columbus, Ohio Project

Project Mentors


Lewis Center, Ohio

I was born in Louisiana and raised in northwest Ohio. My family always camped and enjoyed the outdoors, but neither of my parents fished. I caught my first fish at a family reunion and was hooked. That year I asked Santa for a fishing pole. I fished with that spinning rod on our family camping trips and at our annual trip to Lake Erie. When we were first married, my husband and I fished the river behind our house often. He introduced me to fly fishing and after some initial growing pains I’ve grown to love it!! Just standing in the river and becoming immersed in nature heals my soul. I’ve fished all over the US in both freshwater and salt. I’m a member of Trout Unlimited, Ohio Women on the Fly, Central Ohio Fly Fishers and Buckeye United Fly Fishers. I was a Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s troop and am currently a volunteer with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (veterans fishing) with the Columbus chapter. I look forward to continuing to share my flyfishing passion with the Mayfly Project youth.


I grew up in middle Tennessee, and although I spent a lot of my time outdoors, it wasn’t until college that I first picked up a fly rod. I had fished with traditional tackle before, but never took to it quite like I did with the fly rod. This lead me to sneak away any chance I got to get out on the water with my new hobby. After finishing up graduate school, I relocated to Columbus for work. I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful organization, and I hope to pass on a passion for fly fishing to all our mentees.


Powell, Ohio

Raised in Northeast Ohio, Sam relocated to Arizona in 1974 for post graduate study at Northern Arizona University. Outdoor recreation occupied his free time since childhood appreciating countless fishing and hunting experiences in areas of the Great Lakes, Southwest Deserts, Rocky Mountains, Northern Michigan, Alaska, and Canada. Central Ohio became the family home in 2003. Now retired after an eclectic career that started with youth work, he is seeking pastimes that support a passion for fly fishing and the type of service that was performed fifty years ago. Sam recently launched an online directory of fly fishing guides and is looking forward to participating with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, and The Mayfly Project in Columbus.


Columbus, Ohio

I’m a Midwest born Occupational Therapist with a heart for service, a deep appreciation of wild places, and an interest in cultivating the same in the next generation. Time outside is a blessing that everyone deserves to experience.


Columbus, Ohio

Born and raised in central Ohio, I fished lakes over the years, so when my three children were old enough, we started fishing the river behind our house! Great fun and the kids were better at it than me! Then I was introduced to fly fishing and absolutely loved standing in the river absorbing the natural beauty! I’ve waded rivers big and small in Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan and of course Ohio! Retired now, outings with the Ohio Woman on the Fly, Buckeye United Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited (TU) have given me memorable learning experiences. Along with leadership roles in 4-H, Girl Scouts and Project Healing Waters (veteran fishing), I see the Mayfly youth with a few fish tales of their own along with many smiles!


Columbus, Ohio

Zach grew up fishing in the lakes, rivers and streams of Ohio and Northern Ontario. He learned to fish from his father, grandfather and uncles and gravitated towards fly fishing over the last thirty-five years. Zach is an attorney who started his legal career working with high-risk juveniles in the criminal justice system. He enjoys sharing his love of fly fishing and the respite it provides with others and looks forward to his ongoing role as a mentor with The Mayfly Project.


Grandview Heights, Ohio

I grew up in Southeastern Ohio spending most of the time outdoors, fishing and wading the Hocking and Scioto rivers. Most of my summers were spent with my little brother fishing throughout Florida and the Carolina’s, praying for a bull redfish or snook to hit our lines
After college at Ohio University, I moved to Columbus to work in data and machine learning. As I got older I realized those memories of catching endless pinfish or bluegill were quite a gift to have. I hope to help others find their passion in fishing and the outdoors.


Powell, Ohio

I have been fishing since I was a small boy, having transitioned (permanently) to fly fishing after my retirement from the Fire Department in 2012. I currently work as a Program Director/Professor at a two-year college and spend as much free time as I can spare enjoying this sport. I served many years as an adult advisor in Scouting and Venturing as well as a Special Olympics coach and enjoy working with youth. I particularly enjoy fishing for not only trout, but especially bass and northern pike, the latter up in Northern Ontario. Any time on the water and outdoors is time well spent.


Loveland, Ohio

Growing up & early into my career – I was in a constantly moving, I have now been an Ohio resident for 11 years & am happy to call it home. My husband introduced me to flyfishing about 8 years ago & I was hooked. We go on several trips a year traveling all over the country & world to experience different types of fishing & cultures (Montana, Idaho, Canada, Uruguay, New Zealand, Bolivia, Argentina… the list is ever growing). It has become a true passion & there is not a better to cure for the soul than being outside in the fresh air & fishing, whether you are catching or not! I am always looking for new experiences & adventures in the flyfishing world & can’t wait to share my passion with this amazing team & group of kids!


Hilliard, Ohio

I have three kids, one of who also likes fishing. I have been fishing my whole life, these days it’s mostly on the fly, but I’m happy to fish any technique. If you know a good ice fishing contact with a warm shelter, let me know – that’s one I wanna try.
Outside of dad time I also volunteer with Scouts. Lots of camping, hiking cooking and adventuring.

We live in Hilliard and try to hang with friends and neighbors that will have us.


Columbus, Ohio

Growing up wild and wonderful in West Virginia, I made my way through Tennessee and back up to settle in Ohio for work as an Architect. I picked up a fly rod for the first time in 2021 after winning a full outfit in a fundraising raffle for Project Healing Waters. After learning how to cast and catching my very first little bluegill I knew that this wasn’t just another hobby, it was a new passion. Two years later I’m excited to share this love of the water, fly fishing, and adventure as a mentor with the Mayfly Project.


Powell, Ohio

I am a central Ohio native with a deep passion for Fly fishing and service. At the age of 16 my grandfather put a fly rod in my hands for the first time. Shortly thereafter my reel began to scream and a majestic chrome bellied beast laid in my hands… my first steelhead. That moment sparked a lifelong passion that has allowed me to meet my best friends, learn about myself, and develop a deep bond with mother nature. At Colby College, I continued to nurture this passion by serving as the President of the Colby Fly Fishing Club, official chapter of the TU Costa 5 Rivers Program. Having returned to Columbus, I am thrilled to be a part of TMP and pass on my passion for fly fishing!


Powell, Ohio

From the first bluegill caught off the dock at 3 y/o, I have never had a passion for anything like fishing. Native to NW Michigan, I grew up fishing lakes for panfish+bass worked my way up to trout+steelhead when a favorite teacher loaned me waders from the middle school’s science dept. Eventually teaching myself how to fish with a fly rod, I majored in fly fishing the Pere Marquette R. in college and moved to Columbus after receiving my engineering degree from FSU (Ferris) in May 2023. Fishing and spending time in the beautiful places that fish live is where I find peace and all stress melts away. My love for fly fishing has led me to mentor kids through The Mayfly Project to share my passion and help kids get outside and heal in nature.


Columbus, Ohio

Born and raised in Central Ohio. US ARMY Veteran. Jaron grew up fishing and hunting with his father and grandfather all over the state and country and has continued those adventures worldwide. He is now a participant of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing and Founder of Fishing for Chains, an organization that uses outdoor recreation including fishing and disc golfing to give veterans tools to maintain good mental and physical health. With his background in coaching youth sports and passion for the outdoors he’s looking forward to mentoring for the Columbus Columbus Mayfly Project.


Columbus, Ohio

Reading water, witnessing the secrets of nature, fly tying, and catching fish are my favorite hobbies and at times obsessions. I began fly fishing in western PA 1977 and the passion took hold in central PA 1981 while attending Penn State University. One of the greatest things about fly fishing is the community of anglers that are often willing to share truly helpful advice and on the stream camaraderie. Columbus, OH is home (since 1989) and 2023 was my first year as mentor. The fellowship with other mentors, the opportunity to see mentees confidence grow, their expressions of happiness increase, and their engagement with others increase is priceless!


Columbus, Ohio

Originally from Columbus, I was raised in Powell and attended St. Charles Preparatory School. I attended Miami University, graduating with a Biology degree and was a member of the club hockey team. From a young age, my grandfather instilled in me an appreciation for fly fishing, a passion that grew stronger with time. I found myself drawn more and more to the intricacies of the sport, teaching friends and family how to cast and tie their own flies. The Au Sable River, particularly during the mayfly hatch, never fails to captivate me. When I’m not by the river, I enjoy golfing, playing hockey, and spending time with friends. I look forward to contributing my skills and passion to The Mayfly Project!

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