This was the best day of my life!! I had so much fun and can’t wait to fly fish again.

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The Mayfly Project

Columbus, Ohio Project

Project Lead Mentor: Andy Scott

Project location: Columbus, OH

Year project founded: 2020

Mentors on this team: Currently adding mentors

Children mentored to date: Launching in 2021

Children to be mentored in 2021: 5-7

Local foster care partners: Working to collaborate with a local child advocacy service agency.

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for local partners and community support.

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Columbus, Ohio Project

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Andy Scott

Lead Mentor, Columbus, Ohio Project

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Columbus, Ohio
I grew up in a hunting and fishing family in southwest Arkansas. I fell in love with the idea of fly-fishing after watching “A River Runs Through It” as a teen, but didn’t really get the chance to do much with until college. After a brief stint, my fly rod broke and gathered dust for a decade. Last summer, I finally got the gumption to send it in for repair, but it was so old, they couldn’t fix it, so St Croix sent me a brand new one. I got back out on the water and I was hooked again. Our family has also served as a foster home for about 4 years now and we’ve had 7 kids in that time. I’ve seen first hand the need for support for these amazing kids. I look forward to connecting these passions in a meaningful way through the Mayfly Project.


Columbus, Ohio

I grew up in Pennsylvania. I have a degree in Rec. Res. Management. I’ve been a law enforcement officer for 30 + years, spending half my career as a Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer/ School Resource Office, in the hope of being proactive instead of reactive. My Father started my fly fishing instruction and passion for the sport on my 5th birthday. I’ve always tried my best to pass on the life skill of fly fishing, fly tying, and appreciation of our natural resources to anyone who will listen. When available, I guide for Wilderness Voyageurs in Pennsylvania. I lived out my Fly fishing dreams in AK after college, and enjoy fly fishing the Great Lakes region. I forward to being a mentor and making new friends!

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Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

“There was so much going on in my life that was out of my control, so I gravitated to the outdoors to find control. It became a place where I could go to find some peace and away from life’s confusion and uncertainties [from life in foster care],” Jackie Prock said....

4th Annual ONE FLY EVENT

4th Annual ONE FLY EVENT

We are thrilled to announce we have 14 new projects kick-starting next year across the country! Since we do not require our new projects to fund-raise, we rely on our community and national fundraisers to support these projects. Please participate in our ONE FLY...

From Foster Care to Fly Fishing, Meet Mentor, Breezy Johnston

From Foster Care to Fly Fishing, Meet Mentor, Breezy Johnston

Breezy Johnston, mentor for Pikes Peak, CO project, talks about life in foster care and how fly fishing has become her home-base. We are thrilled to have Breezy joining our team and are so thankful for her willingness to share. We are inspired by folks who have been through the trenches and have found their niche in the world!

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