Fly fishing today was the most fun I’ve ever had!


The Mayfly Project

Columbus, Ohio Project

Project Lead Mentor: Pam Allen

Project Co-Lead Mentor: Sam Hanna

Project location: Columbus, OH

Year project founded: 2021, by Andy Scott

Mentors on this team: 10, currently adding mentors to the team.

Children mentored to date: 6

Children to be mentored in 2023: 8-10

Local foster care partners: Buckeye Ranch, United Methodist Children’s Home

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for local partners and community support.

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Columbus, Ohio Project

I believe there is such value in getting kids outside. There is a healing power in being surrounded by creation. I’ve always thought that the word “recreation” gets cheapened a little if we only think of it as play. I think that being out on the water, feeling it run around you, and engaging with creation on a personal level can have an effect on our souls and can be used to truly “re-create” us. If we can use this tool to help some kids who are in a tough spot, sign me up!

Andy Scott

Former Lead Mentor, Columbus, Ohio Project

Project Mentors


Lewis Center, Ohio

I was born in Louisiana and raised in northwest Ohio. My family always camped and enjoyed the outdoors, but neither of my parents fished. I caught my first fish at a family reunion and was hooked. That year I asked Santa for a fishing pole. I fished used that spinning rod on our family camping trips and at our annual trip to Lake Erie. When we were first married, my husband and I fished the river behind our house often. He introduced me to fly fishing and after some initial growing pains I’ve grown to love it!! Just standing in the river and becoming immersed in nature heals my soul. I’ve fished all over the US in both freshwater and salt. I’m a member of Trout Unlimited, Ohio Women on the Fly, Central Ohio Fly Fishers and Buckeye United Fly Fishers. I was a Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s troop and am currently a volunteer with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (veterans fishing) with the Columbus chapter. I look forward to continuing to share my flyfishing passion with the Mayfly Project youth.


Powell, Ohio

Raised in Northeast Ohio, Sam relocated to Arizona in 1974 for post graduate study at Northern Arizona University. Outdoor recreation occupied his free time since childhood appreciating countless fishing and hunting experiences in areas of the Great Lakes, Southwest Deserts, Rocky Mountains, Northern Michigan, Alaska, and Canada. Central Ohio became the family home in 2003. Now retired after an eclectic career that started with youth work, he is seeking pastimes that support a passion for fly fishing and the type of service that was performed fifty years ago. Sam recently launched an online directory of fly fishing guides and is looking forward to participating with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, and The Mayfly Project in Columbus.


Columbus, Ohio

I’m a Midwest born Occupational Therapist with a heart for service, a deep appreciation of wild places, and an interest in cultivating the same in the next generation. Time outside is a blessing that everyone deserves to experience.


Columbus, Ohio

Born and raised in central Ohio, I fished lakes over the years, so when my three children were old enough, we started fishing the river behind our house! Great fun and the kids were better at it than me! Then I was introduced to fly fishing and absolutely loved standing in the river absorbing the natural beauty! I’ve waded rivers big and small in Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan and of course Ohio! Retired now, outings with the Ohio Woman on the Fly, Buckeye United Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited (TU) have given me memorable learning experiences. Along with leadership roles in 4-H, Girl Scouts and Project Healing Waters (veteran fishing), I see the Mayfly youth with a few fish tales of their own along with many smiles!


Mount Vernon, Ohio

At an early age, I realized my passion for fly fishing and the outdoors, coupled with a sharing heart was a blessing from above. I’ve utilized the sport, and the incredible places it takes us, in my personal, academic, and professional life for over five decades. Fly fishing to me is an avenue to teach a life skill, helping someone make that first cast, sharing the relaxing rhythm of a casting stroke, the peace that comes from listening to the running river as it moves around you or the lapping of the waves on the shore, the rush of a rising trout or salmon, the excitement of a rod jolting strike, the thrill of bringing a fly caught trophy to the net or hand, swapping stories, sharing techniques, seeing beautiful places, making friends, reconnecting with family and sharing my faith. My goal has always been to pass on my passion for fly fishing and wild places, help individuals gain knowledge and understanding to add to their lifelong adventure of fly fishing memories and hopefully open an avenue for fly fishing to bring positive benefits to their life.


Columbus, Ohio

Zach grew up fishing in the lakes, rivers and streams of Ohio and Northern Ontario. He learned to fish from his father, grandfather and uncles and gravitated towards fly fishing over the last thirty-five years. Zach is an attorney who started his legal career working with high-risk juveniles in the criminal justice system. He enjoys sharing his love of fly fishing and the respite it provides with others and looks forward to his ongoing role as a mentor with The Mayfly Project.

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Thank You to our DUN Sponsors!

Thank You to our DUN Sponsors!

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Giving Tuesday, November 29th, 2022!!

Giving Tuesday, November 29th, 2022!!

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Interview with TMP Lead and Clinical Social Worker, Kimberly Cordero

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Columbus, Ohio Project

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