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Foster Child

Colorado Project

Colorado Springs, Colorado Project

Lead Mentor: Amber Leach

Project location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Year project founded: 2021

Mentors on this team: 15

Children mentored to date: 0

Children to be mentored in 2022: 8-10

Local foster care partners: Currently looking for partners. 

Local companies that support this project: Currently looking for community support!

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Colorado Springs, Colorado Project

We get to show our kids that we care–that we will invest the time and effort to get to learn with them, and that our rivers and lakes are for them, not just a privileged few!
Amber Leach

Lead Mentor, Colorado Springs, Colorado Project

Project Mentors


Colorado Springs, Colorado

Born in North Dakota and grew up in Nebraska fishing (not fly fishing) and hunting. Enlisted into the Marine Corps and served a few years (22). Moved to Colorado Springs in July of 2007 and one goal was to learn fly fishing, and I’ve not looked back. I’ve been working with veteran’s groups that look at fly fishing as a way of healing. I also help with the Boy Scouts each summer at Camp Alexander during June and July teaching them fly tying, aquatic bugs, casting and then put it all together on the water. I was a foster child for 2 years during my teenage years. I look forward to being a mentor for the Pikes Peak program.


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Podcast with April Vokey, Anchored Outdoors

Podcast with April Vokey, Anchored Outdoors

We were thrilled to be on Anchored Outdoors Podcast, with the talented, April Vokey! Please check this podcast out and find out more about the founders, their vision, and how TMP is supporting foster children across the country here: Anchored Podcast Ep. 177: Jess...

The Gift of Fly Fishing, Fort Collins, CO

"Hello Bryan and Chelsea, I just wanted to share this great picture of Alicia catching a beautiful rainbow trout (I think) while we camped along the North Fork of the Gunnison River in Paonia. She really enjoyed fly fishing while out there and you can tell by the look...

Wet Fly Swing Podcast

Wet Fly Swing Podcast

TMP Founder, Jess Westbrook, is honored to speak with Dave Steward of Wet Fly Swing Podcast recently! Jess Westbrook shares the amazing stories behind the Mayfly Project that he created to help foster kids change their lives with fly fishing. Today, we find out what...

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Colorado Springs, Colorado Project

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