I never knew I could be so good at fly fishing. Than you for teaching me!


The Mayfly Project

Birmingham, Alabama Project

Project Lead Mentor: Casey Campbell

Project Co-Lead Mentor: Hugh Cheek

Project location: Birmingham, Alabama

Year project founded: 2023. Project will start in 2024!

Mentors on this team: Currently adding mentors to the team.

Children mentored to date: Registrations will open in 2024

Children to be mentored in 2023: 10

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for foster care partners.

Local companies that support this project:  Currently searching for local support.

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Contact Lead Mentor: casey1067@me.com

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Birmingham, Alabama Project

Teaching children the skill of fly fishing is more about showing them the healing power of nature than the art of catching a fish. One never returns from the river without experiencing renewal and rejuvenation.

Casey Campbell

Lead Mentor, Birmingham, Alabama Project

Project Mentors


Birmingham, Alabama

Casey is native of Birmingham, Alabama and fell in love with all things outdoors while spending 2 summers in northern California as a whitewater river guide. It was during this time he learned the healing and restorative powers of being on the water. His first experience with fly fishing (2011) was in Big Sky, Montana where he was immediately hooked. As a father of two, Casey understands the value of getting children outside to experience the world around them. Casey and his son have been fishing side by side for many years and it’s on these many fishing/camping trips that he has seen his relationship with his son deepen. He is looking forward to sharing his love of the outdoors and fly fishing with another generation.

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TMP’s Curriculum, Spanish Edition!

TMP’s Curriculum, Spanish Edition!

From our Seattle Project Lead Mentor, Eileen Petralia:     "During one of our project years, in the late planning stages, I learned that all of our mentees that registered would all be native Spanish speakers. As myself and some of the mentors had friends in the...

Thank You, Tie-A-Thon Friends!!

Thank You, Tie-A-Thon Friends!!

  Thank you to the Tie-A-Thon!!!   The phrase, "many hands make light work," is the core of what TMP stands for and is how we are able to serve so many kids each year. Running The Mayfly Project across the USA and into the United Kingdom takes not only lead...

Boise, 2023 Project Wrap!

Boise, 2023 Project Wrap!

“Thank you so much for this. The interaction with the volunteers has been great to watch, and I love how it's much more than just about catching fish, but building character and stewardship. Again, you are all awesome for this!” --Mentee Caregiver, TMP Boise Project...

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Birmingham, Alabama Project

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