“I can’t wait to show everyone the pictures of the fish I caught!” 

TMP Mentee

The Mayfly Project

Atlanta, Georgia Project

Project Lead Mentor: Zach Yauch

Project Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Year Project Founded: 2020

Mentors on this team: 10

Children mentored to date: Project kicking off 2020

Children to be mentored in 2022: 7-8

Local foster care partners: Chosen for Life Ministries

Local companies that support this project: The Fish Hawk, Fly Shop Atlanta GA / Unicoi Outfitters, Fly Shop Helen, GA, and searching for local partnerships for 2020.

Contact us about this project: kaitlin@themayflyproject.com


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Atlanta, Georgia Project

Georgia foster care children deserve an escape from the everyday, with our amazing mentors and fly fishing community in Georgia, we are going to provide the kids with a much needed break from the trials and turbulence of their current situations and give them a new love and respect for the outdoors and the healing potential nature can provide. 

Zach Yauch

Lead Mentor, Atlanta, Georgia Project

Project Mentors


Jefferson, Georgia

An Arizona born but Georgia raised angler, Zach was brought up on spin fishing in the North Georgia mountains. Using skills his grandfather taught him, he quickly became a dedicated fly angler. Now Zach resides in Jefferson, GA. Where he travels for his job and fishes all over the country. A multispecies angler, who looks for any opportunity to teach and share his love for this great sport. His grandfather was a great mentor in life and fishing, with this in mind, Zach is eager to be the same type of mentor to children in need as his grandfather was to him.


Woodstock, Georgia

My fishing journey began just three years after I was born in Cumming, GA. I started out catching small bluegill and slowly worked my way up to bass. Because there aren’t many streams near my house, I didn’t grow up fly fishing but 13 years later my dad put a fly rod in my hand. I didn’t get the hang of it at first. Now at the age of 17 I feel proficient, but I realize there is so much more to learn. I look forward to volunteering for the Mayfly Project and obtaining guiding experience while having fun and mentoring others. I hope to transfer the beautiful art of fly fishing to someone else.

News & Events

Our 2020 Impact!!

Our 2020 Impact!!

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Giving Tuesday Success, 2020!

Thank You!!! Together, WE DID IT! We hit our goal on Tuesday! For our National Project online, we raised $14,000! For our individual project fundraisers we hit over $20,000!!!! This year, many of our lead mentors, mentors, and friends, all did Facebook fundraisers to...

Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

Foster Care to Fly Fishing, with Jackie Prock

“There was so much going on in my life that was out of my control, so I gravitated to the outdoors to find control. It became a place where I could go to find some peace and away from life’s confusion and uncertainties [from life in foster care],” Jackie Prock said....

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Atlanta, Georgia Project

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