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St. Louis, Missouri Project

St. Louis, Missouri Project

Lead Mentors: Mike Oldani 

Project location: St. Louis, Missouri

Year project founded: 2018, by Patrick Gallegher

Mentors on this team: 3, trying to rebuild team especially looking for female mentors.

Children mentored to date: 9

Children to be mentored in 2020: 5-7

Local foster care partners: Great Circle Group Homes

Local companies that support this project: Flyfishers at the Crossing (FATC), Matt Griggs at Blue Ribbon Trout Cabin, Wooly Bugger Fly Company 

Currently looking for sponsors and support for 2020!

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St. Louis, Missouri Project

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Mike Oldani

Lead Mentor, St. Louis, Missouri Project

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St. Louis, Missouri

I am a 68 year old native to St. Louis. Went into the Navy out of high school and served four years aboard the USS Enterprise with three tours off the coast of Viet Nam. My rating was a marine mechanic with a rank of E4. I married in 1973 and returned home with a wife and son and added a daughter to the family in 1978. I went through an amicable divorce in 1992. Remarried in 1996 and now have a blended family consisting of 5 children with 11 grandchildren and one great grand child.
After the service I went to work as a meat cutter and worked for a local food chain until 2011 when I retired. I had managed to stay busy with all the grand-kids but felt the need to get involved in something more. In 2015 I began delivering meals for the local senior center and have been delivering meals once a week ever since.
I had done a lot of fishing with my family as a kid, mostly for pan fish. Got away from fishing for a while and then tried fly fishing in the mid 90’s for a brief time but didn’t stay with it. I was reintroduced in 2016 and I’m hooked. In 2018 I was looking to hook up with other fly fishermen and ran across the website for Fly Fishers at the Crossing. Not only did it give me an opportunity to meet other fly fishers but they are an organization that is involved in community service and contributing time for groups that need help in various ways. I have enjoyed volunteering and it affords me the opportunity to become more involved. Through facebook I learned of the Mayfly Project and in learning what they do and through contacts at F.A.T.C. I wanted to become involved.

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TMP’s COVID-19 Response and Fundraiser

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The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

Last year we rolled out our new curriculum with the help of our fly fishing family and TMP partners! The impact of this curriculum has surpassed our expectations--the foster children we work with are able to use the curriculum with their mentors and then keep it to...

2019 TMP Impact Results!

2019 TMP Impact Results!

  2019 was an extraordinary year for The Mayfly Project! With the help of all of our lead mentors, mentors, partners, sponsors, and donors, we have impacted the lives of over 250 children in foster care this year! Beyond the list of statistics below, we wish you...

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St. Louis, Missouri Project

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