Fly fishing today was the most fun I’ve ever had!


The Mayfly Project

San Francisco, California Project

Project Lead Mentor: Tim Murray

Project location: San Francisco, California

Year project founded: 2021–Serving in 2022

Mentors on this team: Currently adding mentors to this team

Children mentored to date: 0

Children to be mentored in 2022: 6-8

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for local foster care connections and programs.

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for local partners and community support.

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San Francisco, California Project

My goal is to help more and more people experience the emotional well-being that comes from spending time outdoors. Our project will help young people build a relationship with nature that they can turn to for the rest of their life. That’s some powerful stuff!
Tim Murray

Lead Mentor, San Francisco, California Project

Project Mentors


Walnut Creek, California

Born in Nevada and raised in Northern California, Tim was hooked on the outdoors after his first camping trip at the age of two. Most of Tim’s fly fishing experience started quite a bit later, as he began exploring many of California’s storied rivers and streams as a teenager (and to this day, still has a soft spot for a good day at Hat Creek PH2). Tim, his wife, two children and their labrador retriever, Mazey, currently live in Walnut Creek, CA, where they enjoy hiking, fishing and eating lots of pizza. Tim joined the Mayfly Project in 2020, and looks forward to helping foster children develop a positive relationship with nature that will be a strong force for good in their lives.


Mill Valley, California

Long time California resident, Julia started fly fishing in 1999 at the suggestion of her mother who had tried it on a trip to Wyoming. Julia saw an article on a local fly-fishing seminar and asked her mom if she wanted to go…she was hooked! Julia has worked to get more people out fly fishing with her lead roles in local and global groups as well as environmental groups that focus on preserving our water. Her goal recently is to break down barriers to getting out on the water and showing people that fly fishing can be for everyone. She’s looking forward to bringing that enthusiasm to the San Francisco chapter of the Mayfly Project!

News & Events

TMP Las Vegas Project!

TMP Las Vegas Project!

This was our first ever Las Vegas, Nevada Project season! We were thankful to have our lead mentor, Kris Lubwiszewski, at the helm with his great team of mentors. Here's a bit about their final last outing and project wrap up: We started the morning of our last outing...

First Scranton, PA Project!!

First Scranton, PA Project!!

Fly fishing is a wonderful sport that hyper-connects with nature, is super fun, and provides a refreshing oasis in a sometimes crazy world. I started fly fishing as a kid and it has become a lifelong passion that I love to share with others. And what a blast to share...

Giving Tuesday Success, 2021!

Giving Tuesday Success, 2021!

WOW!! Thank you to our Fly Fishing Family! We have reached $37,000 on our Facebook fundraiser after Giving Tuesday! We had so many generous donors yesterday and people sharing our fundraiser! TMP's Giving Tuesday Fundraiser There were 55 individual Facebook...

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San Francisco, California Project

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