We are thrilled to highlight one of our first year lead mentors, Scott Sevingy, who not only brought TMP to Fredericksburg, Virginia, but is an active foster care parent and essential part of his local community. This year, Scott built up his TMP mentor team, networked to find kids who would truly benefit from fly fishing, searched for local donations, and went above and beyond to create fly fishing fun with his team. Scott also had a wonderful group of mentors that were truly committed to the project! One of Scott’s mentors said,

“I wanted to take a moment to highlight all of Scott’s efforts with the Fredericksburg program this year. I am blown away by his ability to keep everything so well organized, find businesses willing to donate and support, and be endlessly cheerful and optimistic. There couldn’t be a better guy to be running the show here. Even the simple things, like showing up on time and making sure everybody has the right locations and information to make the outings run smoothly. He did an outstanding job and I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed participating very much! I think Scott did a great service both to the kids and to the program.”

Please help us thank Scott for his hard work!! We know the kids that participated had a blast learning how to fly fish, having their first experiences on boats, eating good food, and visiting several different places in their community! Please join him as his team heads into fundraising for their next season by sharing their fundraiser: Fredericksburg, Virginia Project Fundraiser 


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