Fly fishing has always been an escape for me during any troubling or stressful times, both in my youth and as an adult. The same holds true for children in foster care–they need this time outdoors fly fishing, and someone to lead them there.


Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania Project

Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Project

Lead Mentor: Daniel Baughman

Project location: Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

Year project founded: 2019

Mentors on this team: Currently adding mentors to this team.

Children mentored to date: Launching in 2020

Children to be mentored in 2020: 10-12

Local foster care partners: Currently searching for local foster care partners for 2020.

Local companies that support this project: Currently searching for local companies and partners to support this project.

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Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Project

In Central PA we are blessed with an abundance of wild trout and prolific hatches. We can’t imagine a better place to introduce youth in foster care with the opportunity to learn fly fishing than the storied waters of Central PA.

Daniel Baughman

Lead Mentor, Holidaysburg, Pennsylvania Project

Project Mentors


Central Pennsylvania

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Dan has been fishing the Little Juniata River and surrounding wild trout waters since a very young age. As a fly fishing guide in the area for 15 years, he has introduced many to the sport of fly fishing. In 2019, Dan joined the Mckean County Mayfly Project as a mentor and is thrilled to be bringing The Mayfly project to central Pennsylvania for 2020.


Central Pennsylvania

Brian retired from the PA Air National Guard after 21 years, during which time he took full advantage of many fishing opportunities across the U.S. He currently works full-time as an occupational safety manager and has been married for 20 years.

A native of western PA, Brian has been fishing since age 7 and introduced several friends to the sport of fly-fishing. Now more than ever, he enjoys sharing his love of the outdoors with others by teaching hunter safety education, assisting with Butler County’s Youth Field Day or simply sharing tips and techniques with younger outdoorsmen in the field.


Central Pennsylvania

Hi, I am Kerry Lanza. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania with my wife Barbara. Our home is about an hour drive northwest of Philadelphia in rural “Pennsylvania Dutch” country. Growing up in the country, we had plenty of opportunity to fish, for anything, and anywhere. Having found fly fishing over 30 years ago, I find it a great way to connect with the wildness of the place. Fly fishing is now my true passion. For me, teaching is my way of giving back to a sport that has given me so much. Passing the passion to another generation helps to preserve trout fisheries for future generations.


Central Pennsylvania

Greg Hoover has been fly fishing and tying flies for 55 years. He is acknowledged as North America’s most knowledgeable fly fishing entomologist. Greg has conducted hundreds of seminars on the identification / imitation of trout stream insects. Greg taught the course, Freshwater Entomology in the Dept. of Entomology at Penn State. For 21 years, he was the faculty advisor to the Penn State Fly Fishing Club. For 8 years Greg taught the courses, Principles of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing for Trout, and Mastery of Fly Fishing at Penn State. He coauthored a book with Charlie Meck titled, GREAT RIVERS–GREAT HATCHES. He contributed a chapter on periodical cicadas in the book, MODERN TERRESTRIALS. Greg is a river helper for Casting for Recovery.

News & Events

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The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

The Mayfly Project Mentee Curriculum Development

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2019 TMP Impact Results!

2019 TMP Impact Results!

  2019 was an extraordinary year for The Mayfly Project! With the help of all of our lead mentors, mentors, partners, sponsors, and donors, we have impacted the lives of over 250 children in foster care this year! Beyond the list of statistics below, we wish you...

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Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania Project

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