Thank you for being an integral part of The Mayfly Project this year!

When we say, “It takes a village,” we truly mean it! This year we added 9 new projects and 106 new mentors, and served over 380 children in foster care! That’s 1,900 days on the water this year, where kids in foster care were able to decompress with safe mentors and spend time fly fishing across the USA and the United Kingdom.

We’re thrilled with all of the wonderful stories and pictures continuing to flood in from this season, and cannot thank our Lead Mentors, TMP Mentors, and foster care partners for their hard work teaching fly fishing and impacting the lives of foster children in 2022!!!

We could not do any of this work without the support of our donors, company partners, and TMP #flyfishingfamily! On Giving Tuesday this year, November 29th, we’ll need our fly fishing family to throw all hands on deck again, as our goal is to raise over $20,000, on Facebook and with our website donations to support our new projects.

Donations made on Facebook can be matched as well by Facebook possibly–100% of all donations given through Facebook go directly to TMP with zero processing fees!

If you are planning on giving this Season of Giving, please consider helping us take TMP to new parts of the USA and let’s get more fly rods in the hands of kids who need it most!

Here’s how you can help this Giving Season: 

Donate to our Facebook Fundraiser on Giving Tuesday

The Mayfly Project, Giving Tuesday Facebook Fundraiser

Donate on our Website:

TMP’s Website Donation

Share our Promo Video, our social media posts, and all things TMP in your community!

About The Mayfly Project

Thank you for continuing to help us support foster children with the gift of fly fishing and mentorship!



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