2019 was an extraordinary year for The Mayfly Project! With the help of all of our lead mentors, mentors, partners, sponsors, and donors, we have impacted the lives of over 250 children in foster care this year!

Beyond the list of statistics below, we wish you could hear all of the stories, see the smiles, and high five all of the children we have mentored. Some of our favorite moments were found when a special switch-over happened–when the child with the sweatshirt hoodie tied down tight, in the middle of the summer, took their hood off to net a fish. Or the times when the young girl with scars on her arms from self-harming rolled up her sleeves for the first time in public to safely let a fish go.

We cannot measure every moment but we can tell you with confidence that in 2019, trust was earned, the experiences were life-changing, and the success of a fish in a net continues to support children in foster care in such an impactful and unique way.


Here’s what we have accomplished together:

  • TMP added 285 new mentors, totaling to 503 mentors to date.
  • TMP added 19 new projects to our map in 24 states.
  • TMP mentored 251 children in foster care, serving over 500 to date.
  • TMP launched their new specialized curriculum that taught conservation, the mental health benefits of fly fishing, and all things fly fishing.
  • TMP launched the Button Incentive Program– mentees were able to earn buttons this year for participating in conservation efforts, working hard to learn new fly fishing skills, and for participation.
  • TMP launched the Art of Tying Program– mentees tied at 95% of our projects, with specialized packets and instructional videos by professional tier, Tim Camneisa.
  • TMP launched a new website, mentee information center, mentor information center, and fundraising platform.
  • TMP had a successful 2nd Foster the Rise 2 Fly Tournament, at Rose River Farms, Virginia.
  • Together, after Giving Tuesday, we have 1/3 of the mentees sponsored for 2020. Find out more about sponsoring a child to participate in The Mayfly Project for 2020 here: https://themayflyproject.com/donate/

Beyond the stats, the stories, and the hard days untangling knots, we find the long hours our lead mentors and staff put in to create the safest projects for the children we mentor. Thank you all for your support and hard work in 2019! We cannot wait to see what we can all do together in 2020 to change the lives of children in foster care!

With Gratitude, The Mayfly Project Team


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